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Mattress Maintenance

Pocket Spring Mattresses are made up of individually pocketed set springs. These springs are independent of one another and are not linked to each other as in the case of Bonnell or other forms of spring mattresses. The great advantage of pocketed spring is that motion at one end of the bed is not transmitted to the other end of the bed.

If you apply constant pressure to the same spot of the bed, the underlying materials may level unevenly. This is not due to a faulty spring system but rather to the independent nature of pocketed springs. 

When uneven levelling occurs, it means that Ameritech comfortized mattress construction is conforming to your body’s personal, individual contours… and levelling to its final position. This is a normal phenomenon. In order to prevent this and prolong the life of the mattress, please follow the illustration given.

Within 3 months of purchase, rotate the mattress once every 2 weeks, and also flip the mattress over once every month. After that, rotate or flip the mattress every 3 months. Avoid sleeping on one particular spot only and try to distribute weight evenly, especially onto rising areas.