Why Do You Need BabyGuard365® Anti-microbial Coating?


Your car seat and stroller carry your little one everywhere, collecting dirt, dust, and germs. Protect your baby against Covid-19, common infant diseases and more with BabyGuard365®, our long-lasting and powerful self-disinfecting coating. Once applied, it stays on surfaces and automatically kills microbial menaces on contact.

Young Kids Can Get COVID-19

Children represent about 17% of all reported Covid-19 cases, and can become severely ill.

Most Kids Aged 0-4 Years Old are Unvaccinated

They are the most at risk of contracting Covid-19 when out and about.

Babies Crawl, Touch & Taste

Your child is naturally curious. It's important for all high touch surfaces to be germ-free to avoid falling sick.

Low Immunity

With still-developing immune systems, additional protection against Covid-19 and common diseases is paramount.

Coats and Protects your Baby Gear for 365 Days

All parents are busy - especially new ones. BabyGuard365® helps lighten your load by giving you one less thing to worry about.

By automatically and continuously killing 99.99% of microbes on contact, you have to worry less about cleaning the surfaces that your child touches every day.

When you do clean them, you also do it worry-free, since our coating is rated for over 1,000 cleaning cycles.

Safe for Babies, Tough on Germs


Formulated by leading global scientists to be safe for babies' sensitive skin.


Safe enough to eat off of. Non-cytotoxic in accordance with ISO 10993-5:2009.

Fastest Germ Killer In The Market

Certified by NEA to be a Class A self-disinfecting coating service compared to 53 other brands.

Strong Efficacy After Thousands Of Wipes

High antimicrobial efficacy even after thousands of swipes with ethanol wipes.

All Year 365 Protection

A single application protects your baby from pathogens for all 365 days of the year.

Up To 99.99% Antibacterial & Antiviral Efficacy

5-log reduction of viruses and bacteria within 15 minutes. Works on common diseases.

Anti-fungal and Anti-mold

Destroys fungal and mold spores that love to penetrate and grow inside absorbent fabrics.

Silver Ionizers

Non-toxic Ag+ readily absorbs biomolecules to inactivate their functions, right down to the viral/bacterial DNA.

BabyGuard365® Treatment For Other Car Seat & Stroller Owners

For Maxi-Cosi/Leclerc owners:

Bring them to us at the Picket&Rail Megastore along with your receipt and get them protected with BabyGuard365® for only $39 per item. Valid for purchases from us or our authorised distributors only.

For all other stroller/car seat owners:

They can all be protected with BabyGuard365® for only $99 per item. Applied by our trained experts.

BabyGuard365® Eliminates Common Childhood Diseases

Available at Megastore @ 25 Tagore Lane


When BabyGuard365® is applied on by our trained experts, the nano-based material adheres strongly to the surface. Once the surface is coated, the non-toxic silver ion based additives (Ag+) get to work destroying bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold, reducing their numbers and stopping them from spreading or reproducing.

BabyGuard365® is made from non-toxic materials and our solution is tested by a non-affiliated third party lab in Singapore. In the reports, our sample showed no effects of cytotoxicity, with a degree of <2 as per ISO 10993-5:2009 Biological evaluation of medical devices Part 5: Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity.

Our self-disinfecting coating is extremely safe for babies and children. It will not transfer onto their skin.

BavyGuard365® is effective against all viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. The non-exhaustive list include Covid-19, H1N1, influenzas, neurotropic viruses, staphylococcus, streptococci, hand, foot and mouth diseases, e. coli, and more.

Yes. Our formulation has exhibited 99.99% reduction on Sars-Cov2, H1N1, influenza A, EV-A7 and HFMD viruses in a non-affiliated third party lab. After 30 minutes of curing, our antibacterial efficacy is at 99.99% too.

BabyGuard365® is transparent and only one micron (1/1000 of a milimeter) thick, so it cannot be seen on most surfaces once fully cured.