Apple Blossom Candle Scent

All About Apple Blossom

Apple blossom is a blend of apple flowers, cloves, jasmine and orange stems. The combination produces a fruity and youthful scent, the perfect fragrance to start your day with.

Our apple blossom candles smell just like an orchard in spring - picking ripe apples and citruses, then taking these back to bake a scrumptious pie.

Apple blossom smells very delicate and warm with a hint of sweet apple when in bloom.

These flowers contain lots of vitamins and organic acid that makes it a good antioxidant that destroys free radicals in the air. 

When inhaled, it's a great analgesic and helps to relieve pain from wounds, cramps, and aches. 

For those looking to distract your mind from food, apple blossom scent is a great natural appetite suppressant to aid you on your weight loss journey!

  • Apple blossom is fruity, fresh and soothing. Start your yoga mornings on the right foot with this scent.
  • Notes: Apple flowers, cloves, jasmine and orange stems.
  • Let this calmative scent fill the room to relieve body aches, period cramps and wound pains.
  • It can help to suppress strong appetites, simply light the candle to reduce snacking or 30 mins before a meal to help you eat less.
  • Perform pilates, yoga, zumba or stretches in the morning with apple blossom to increase mind to muscle connection for a fruitful session.