Anti-Static Mattress Technology for a Better Night's Sleep

What is Anti-Static Technology?

All of our Ameritech mattresses use Anti-Static.

As we go about our everyday lives touching or brushing against objects, our bodies continually pick up electrons. The accumulation of electrons causes static electricity to build up in our bodies and is a source of tension which can make us feel anxious and irritable.

Excess electrons do not discharge easily as our bodies can withstand very high voltages of up to 30,000 volts. Now, when we carry our highly charged bodies to bed, our tense bodies prevent us from relaxing, we are not able to experience the deep sleep stages necessary for our health and well being.

Our anti-static mattresses will help the body to discharge static electricity at voltages as low as 4,000 volts. This means tension literally drains away from your body while you are lying down in bed. Your body can relax and get the rest it needs. In fact, our research shows that you will wake up feeling better rested and needing on average 20 minutes less sleep.

Our Ameritech mattresses are made from a revolutionary mattress fabric that incorporates Anti-Static technology. The Ameritech mattress ticking is made by combining natural and synthetic fibres and contains ultra-fine, carbon fibre thread that draws out static electricity that is accumulated on your body and sends it out into the air at low voltages.

How Anti-Static Works

  • Under normal circumstances the human body is capable of accumulating static electricity to very high voltages. Discharge of static electricity into the air without grounding only occurs at around 30,000 volts.
  • Ameritech's Anti-Static technology uses a high conductivity thread with a carbon conductive trilobal core wrapped in a protective nylon envelop.
  • The carbon thread conducts the static electricity away and releases the electrons into the air through a corona discharge nylon at low voltages as low as 4,000 volts

Benefits of Anti-Static

Ameritech helps the body to discharge static electricity helping the body to relax better.

  • Ability to relax and experience deeper levels of sleep
  • Less tossing and turning in bed
  • Need for less sleep - up to 20 minutes less
  • Feeling of waking up better rested
  • Anti-static function operates throughout the life of the mattress
  • Anti-static function has the added benefit of repelling dust

Wake Up Better, Fresher

Professor Chris Idzikowski, one of the world’s leading specialists in sleep research, was asked to investigate the benefits of our Anti-Static mattress technology. The professor set up an experiment with 26 participants. Each of the participants were connected up to an ‘actiwatch’, a device that monitored and recorded the movements while they slept. The results of the experiment confirmed the benefits of anti-static mattresses:
  • Less FidgetingThe participants that slept on anti-static mattresses moved significantly less than those that slept on other mattresses. As a result they were able to experience more deeper levels of sleep.
  • Better Rested - All the participants sleeping on anti-static mattresses reported feeling better rested.
  • Less Sleep Needed - All the participants sleeping on anti-static mattresses reported needing on average 20 minutes less sleep than usual.