Safety 1st™

Making it easy to get what you need to take care of your little ones.

Since 1984

Safety 1st was founded, and has since led in the industry, in development, marketing, and distribution of childcare products.

"Baby on Board" sign

This little sign with the big message led us to where we are today: a company obsessed with the safety and well being of children in cars, homes, and everywhere in between.

No more daunting experiences

With Safety 1st, your minds can be put to ease as your child's well being and safety are being taken care of, no matter where you are.

Commitment to quality

The products undergo stringent, above safety standard tests before they are sold, ensuring that your little one's discovering his/her life - safely.

The All-In-One Baby Changing Bath Tub Table

• Easy to lift up with one hand changing table (includes integrated bathtub with drainage tube)

• 2 in 1: Bathtub and changing table, no need to bend to bath baby

• 3 wheels with brakes for an easy move around the house

• 4 front storage compartments

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