Imbue Your Kids Right From The Start

Baby Einstein™ inspires curiosity within parents and equips them with the tools to create an environment of curiosity for their children.

Our Roots

Founded in 1996, by a mother/former teacher - Julie Aigner-Clark, the brand's vision at providing edutainment to young kids from birth.

The Einstein Way™

A curiosity-driven learning philosophy backed by science and built from the best childhood development research.

Design Principles

Open-Ended Experiences, Real-world Learning, Multi-sensorial Engagement, Confidence Development, Creative Thinking

Open-Ended Experiences

Invites imagination through free, child-led play, rather than focusing on a fixed way of doing so.

Real-world Learning

Helps children contextualize concepts of the world around them, through interactive & developmentally appropriate products.

Multi-sensorial Engagement

Boosts cognitive development of children - through the use of high-contrast images and tactile toys.

Confidence Development

Reinforces joy of learning - through sense of mastery, rewarding of curiosity and boosting children's confidence.

Creative Thinking

Stimulates and strengthen mental agility. This also helps children discover that experimentation & persistence are enjoyable.

The Most Fun Baby Jumper Your Child Deserves

• Inspire your baby’s musical creativity
• Music-themed activity center engages and entertains
• Features four height adjustments to grow with baby
• Music is all around with 360° rotating seat
• Play on the floor with removable toy station

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