Aguard Sports

The sports sectors is a quite a large one, however in the following paragraphs we will mainly focus on the indoor sporting facilities like gyms, because of the increased contamination risks within these facilities. With outdoor sports, the contamination risk via air is almost close to zero and with indoor sports like football or tennis, there is simply no need to reduce contamination risks of the surfaces, as there are almost non in play. Therefore, we suggest that only the facilities where the players meet and/or indoor sporting facilities like gyms will have to take additional hygienic measures in order to create a safe environment for their staff and clients.
In most of the indoor sporting facilities, loads of people (staff and clients) come together in the same areas such as the locker rooms/dressing rooms and the cafeteria. As a consequence all the surfaces within these areas are frequently touched, which could not only lead to increased contamination risks, but also lead to cross contamination. Research has shown that most micro-organisms can easily survive up to 48 hours on any type of surface, therefore imposing a great risk. If these surfaces within these areas aren’t frequently cleaned (every hour, or preferably after every single touch), then the (cross) contamination risks immediately start to increase. Most facilities only clean once or maybe twice a day, which is way too little in order to prevent (cross) contamination via surfaces like:
  • Doorhandles
  • Dressing rooms & showers
  • Frontdesk
  • Vending machines
  • Toilet facilities
  • Locker rooms
  • Training devices
  • Dumbells & weights
Therefore, additional hygienic measures should be taken in order to reduce possible (cross) contamination risks. With the current Covid-19 pandemic we are already seeing a rise in new hygienic measures such as: gyms who offer their clients a cleaning/disinfectant spray and a cloth, so that they can clean each device after use. However, most people do not seem to care about cleaning the devices properly or do not clean them at all. As a consequence, most of the staff and clients assume the environment is clean and safe, while in reality it’s not.
Not only with the current Covid-19 outbreak, but more particular any bacterial outbreak will have its effects on the sustainability of the above mentioned (sport) facilities. Hence, we introduce our self-sanitizing (disinfecting) coating solution, to solve all the issues at once. With our AGuard we are able to assist in keeping the high hygienic standards at all times. The need for constant cleaning/disinfection by either your staff or clients will be eliminated as the coating constantly sanitizes the coated surfaces by itself.