Aguard Hospitality

The Hospitality sector mainly consists out of 2 sub-sectors which are: accommodation such as hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and cruise liners, and food & drinks, such as restaurants, bars & cafés and nightclubs. The one thing these sub sectors have in common is that in most cases (when they are open for business) a large number of clients or staff members will reside in their premises.

More importantly in many cases direct contact between staff and clients will occur, for example in a restaurant/nightclub when food or drinks are being served, at the hotel lobby when clients are checking in/out or at the sports or spa amenities where clients are being assisted or treated. Because of this direct contact, the contamination risks are already heavily increased. Especially, when the staff does not take extra hygienic measures within these direct contact areas. If the surfaces in these areas like chairs, tables, food trays, doorhandles, sport devices, etc. aren’t cleaned after every use, both staff and client could be at risk of cross contamination via those surfaces.

Micro-organisms will readily grow on every unprotected surface, and even without constant cleaning and/or disinfection microbes can be spread across a room from transmission by hands, contaminated equipment or dispersed through the air. Disinfectant sprays and wipes are effective at removing bacteria from a contaminated surface, however these products will only be effective for around two hours. After this time has lapsed, any new bacteria landing on the surface will continue to grow. The latest research information shows us that numerous microbes can easily survive on any surface for more than 48 hours, making them a serious risk.

Frequent cleaning and sanitation (disinfection) is key to producing a high quality level of protection for both client and staff, when it fails the financial loss and reputation of a business can be significantly damaged. However, frequent cleaning (after every use) is almost not feasible neither time wise nor financially. Therefore, a solution to this problem would be the application of AGuard to all the frequently touched surfaces, in order to improve not only the hygienic standard, but also protect your staff and client. With the one time application of our coating, surfaces will become self-sanitizing (disinfecting) and as a consequence get rid of any harmful mirco-organisms within minutes. Our coating completely eliminates the need to clean or disinfect surfaces after every use and will last at least 10 years. This will not only result in a major saving in cleaning costs, but also in a more pleasant (working) environment for both staff and clients.