Our History


2022: Furnished 350,000+ Singapore Homes

To date, Picket&Rail has furnished more than 350,000 homes in Singapore with high quality and lasting furniture and furnishings.

We continue to make the best-in-class products that improves our customers' lives with the highest quality materials, user friendly functions, unmatched ergonomics, eco-friendly and long-lasting fixtures.

Our Values


Thinking Families

Our tagline "Thinking Families" outlines our mission to create a more thoughtful and compassionate society that is concerned with issues such as climbing poverty rates, declining mental health, and climate devastation that affect us all.

We support factories and sources that use sustainable materials, have ethical labour practices, invest in eco-friendly designs, and practice responsible business operations.

Lasting Furniture Means Fewer Landfills

The 'Buy and Throw' culture of modern consumerism is bad for our environment. It creates unnecessary waste that fills and generates more and larger landfills.

Landfills pollute our food, water, and climate; kill our crops, produce carcinogenic smog, poison our rivers, damage ecosystems, and destroy natural habitats. Buy furniture that lasts and stop contributing to the filling of landfills.

Health Is The Real Wealth

Whenever we design furniture, source for materials, or select proper packaging, we consider the health and safety of our customers and their families. Every step in our process involves thorough checks to fulfil important criteria.

- Bunk beds and baby cots are made to the strictest US/EU safety standards.

- Wooden dining tables have rounded corners to minimise injuries.

- Cordless blinds options that eliminate choking hazards for children.

Using Technology To Improve Lives

We adopt the latest technology to produce best-in-class furniture and products:

- Our Carpentry&Reno arm uses Industry 4.0 technology to produce sustainable custom cabinetry at an affordable price.

- We offer anti-Covid self-disinfecting coating services to protect families during this pandemic and beyond.

- We only use formaldehyde-free wood in our furniture to provide a less toxic and healthier home.

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