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A&B Home, Inc. is founded in 1993 and is recognized as an international leader within the home décor, furniture, garden and seasonal product categories. Our flagship store is located at Picket&Rail City Square Mall Level 3.

Main Categories

Modern Carpets & Floor Rugs

Besides being a good sound and heat insulator, carpets often feels good, soft, and easier on the feet. It also gives a "softer" feel to the home. Now available at Picket&Rail Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore Lane.

Blogs & Styling Tips

Ten Random Facts About Hourglasses

Fri, Aug 28, 20

This trendy item has in fact been with us for centuries and have a colourful place in human history. So, here are ten random facts about hourglasses that will surprise and excite you to own one!

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Home Decor Accessories by AB Home Inc.

Tue, Oct 01, 19

A&B Home® is recognized as an international leader in the home decor, furniture, garden and seasonal product categories. A&B Home® has a robust reputation for designing and distributing thousands of new products each year which combine strong design, quality, and sharp price points that deliver excellent value to our customer base.

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Use Of Mirrors in Home Decor

Fri, Aug 28, 20

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. And with good reason! Interior designers find multiple uses for mirrors in home decor. Besides the obvious (and most prosaic) use as something to check your appearance in, designers can also use mirrors, framed in an intriguing manner, to transform the look of dull corners or plain hallways.

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