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Kids bedrooms are one of the hardest to build from scratch because of their everchanging needs as a growing child.

When choosing kids furniture, parents should prioritise selecting those that are built to last, made from quality materials, and flexible so that it can adapt to your children's needs as they grow and age. It can last through the dinosaur phase, K-pop phase, doll phase, Transformer phase and wherever they're heading to next.

Here we recommend the top 10 types of kids bedroom furniture options that are available in Singapore, from functional bestsellers to innovative play-and-sleep designs that is sure to suite your kid's lifestyle.


With all the different options available in the market, kids are truly spoiled for choice. We recommend looking for something that works well within your budget and select a kid's bedroom solution that would suit your home and lifestyle. If you have anymore questions about building children's bedrooms from scratch, do not hesitate to visit our Megastore @ 25 Tagore to field in some opinions and check out these models in real life!

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