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The Great Spring Sale 2019

Storewide 40% Off WinUs® Blinds & Curtains


What's different about our blinds?

Our blinds are upgraded with the original, WinUs® patented dual-roller mechanism and we've also fitted a semi-automatic mechanism which helps consumers to use the blinds with just one pull. Say goodbye to manual pulling and tugging! Excellent for older folks and kids!

Items that will be on discount include: 
- venetian blinds
- wooden blinds
- honeycomb blinds
- blackout blinds
- vertical blinds
- Unislat® intelligent curtains
- outdoor blinds
- children-themed blinds
- Korean wallpaper (2019 latest editions from Korea)
..and so much more.

WinUs Flagship Store - 25 Tagore Lane #02-04, Singapore 787602 | Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm daily including weekends

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