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Picket&Rail Originals Collections

These collections are what made Picket&Rail famous. The Solid Wood feel with American inspired designs. The American Shaker look inspired Scandinavian modern furniture designers. The best place to view our Originals Collection is at City Square Mall Level 3. We have three showrooms of Original products to view. Also look out for our Solid Wood Dining Sales promotions or ask one of our consultants during your visit.


Scandinavian Inspired - Anders & Miller Collection

In essence, Scandinavian Design refers to the design movement that emerged in the 1950s in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as Finland and Iceland. Typical for Scandinavian design is beauty radiated through light colour, the ample use of wood, and minimalism and functionality. The three pillars of Scandinavian Design are: good design for everyone; beauty despite functionality; and optimal use of available resources. Designs are kept simple and often stylise the local natural environment. Yet despite their symmetry and clarity, Scandinavian designs always radiate warmth and a distinct and homely cosiness. This is something the Danes refer to as hygge, and is especially important to a Nordic lifestyle in light of the cold climate and long dark winters. The sense of practicality that flows into Scandinavian Design is a clear feature of this genre and contributed significantly to modern furniture and product design. Both our Anders and Miller furniture collections are testaments to what Scandinavian furniture design is all about.


Chicago Collection

Chicago Collection - Solid American Poplar with Gun Metal Frame“Industry” summons more charming thoughts today than those of manufacturing smokestacks in obscure lands. For all its symbolic meaning or not, it has evolved into a reference of style. Those who have a taste for the industrial look are set to be enraptured by Picket & Rail’s new staid and ravishing Chicago collection. Chicago is industrial by character, not merely borrowing from the aesthetic. Its material, form and engineering exude heavy duty strength. Every feature celebrates the power of mechanism, of technology and of contraption, reinforcing the collection’s industrial character. A formidable union of rugged gunmetal and American poplar that retains all the glory of its timber’s raw, natural scars, and the imposing strength of heavy metal, Chicago is impure, swarthy beauty made material. Click here to know more.


Americana The Great

American FlagThe license plate on that old Chevy. The painting of the coquettish lass leaning on the door posts of the old mansion up the hill. The farmer’s shovel, the blacksmith’s mallet, cannon balls and rifles. The crowned stone statue with a book in one hand and a torch in the other. The picket fence. Americana is an artifact—a remnant of the greatest nation in history’s books. Americana is where our gaze melts into the understanding and recognition of meaning and fact.Because it’s what they used to know: The nature, the timber, and the elements that took her high enough. The homes they built with their own hands. The earth beneath their feet as they worked the land and lived off of it.

Americana—experience the earth and elements that made her who she is. Pay tribute. America. Click here to know more about our Americana Collection.

Americana - Solid Wood Furniture at its Best

Know Thy Wood

P&R Originals BlogToday's furniture is made from thousands of natural and man-made materials ranging from natural woods, engineered woods, bamboos, steel, glass, plastic, stone, marble and a host of modern man-made materials. Historically, however, wood has been one of the earliest and most popular materials for making furniture simply because wood has been easily available and easy to work with. Wood also has a pedigree – the biblical Jesus worked with wood as did his father. Woods used in modern furniture can be divided into 2 groups: natural solid woods and engineered woods. Solid wood furniture has a natural look and feel. The irregularities of grain in natural woods confer decorative interest and lend a warmth to furniture. The most popular solid woods used in locally available furniture are featured below. Rubberwood, Teak, Rosewood, Meranti, Chengal, and Nyatoh. Click here to know more.



Picket&Rail Bestsellers

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