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Customized 32-Feet Modern Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet - White **STARBUY**

Maximum Length 4.8m

Maximum Height 2.22m


Easy Payment

  • AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay from $166.58 monthly for 12 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay from $83.29 monthly for 24 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay from $55.52 monthly for 36 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • Pay from $666.33 x 3 monthly installments.
    No interest or fees with Learn more

Please make an appointment with us and learn more about our 0% installments scheme.
Looking forward to a brand new kitchen cabinet? Well, look no further! This month, Picket&Rail Reno&ID proudly presents, our best deal for a full 32-feet Modern Minimalist kitchen cabinet at only $1999!!

So what do you get for our $1999 32-feet kitchen cabinet offer?
1. made using super-engineered wood which is extremely hard, robust and long-lasting
2. best high-quality hardware parts for the money; from swing door hinges to drawer rails
3. our $1999 kitchen cabinet comes with high-pressured compressed wood worktop which is scratch, moisture and heat proof. You can of course upgrade to other premium worktops such as Corian® or marble worktop in future.
4. customizable - for this price, we are able to customize length of cabinet (Additional charges for request more than 32-feet)
5. the open-shelf portion can be extended to fit any nook and cranny
6. our $1999 offer includes installation!!

Why Choose Picket&Rail Reno&ID?
1. No obligation site visit.
2. Free quotation
3. BCA-approved and HDB-certified.
4. In-house team; no sub-contractors.
5. Free premium furniture by Picket&Rail!
6. Direct to machine carpentry; zero-error for custom cabinets, perfect fitting.
6. Actual 3D visualization of project; what you see is what you'll get!
7. 3-year warranty
8. Minimal dust with zero cutting approach
9. Carcinogen free material
..and much more!

Send us a message today or visit our flagship store for a quotation. No obligations!

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