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Custom Wardrobe Reviews

Our new Custom Wardrobe showroom is located at 25 Tagore Lane Level 2. You can visit Custom Wardrobe collection page to learn more about this incredible product.
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World's Most Silent Sliding Wardrobe Door

Quiet Doors Means Longer Sleep

Customize Your Dimensions To Fit Any Room

Customize Your Dimensions To Fit Any Room

Choice of Colors

Matching Colors To Any Interior

Box-Up Option

Cover Up Gaps For A Neater Finish

Laser Edging

Extends The Lifespan To 20 Years

Anti-Scratch, Heat & Moisture Resistant

Ideal For Homes With Teenagers, Kids & Tough Guys

No Wall Drilling

No Costly Repairs & Endangering Your Family

Relocation of Electrical Points

Obstruction Free Installation

Space-Saving Sliding Doors

Ideal For Small Bedrooms

E0 Or Formaldehyde Free Boards

Exceeds HDB Safety Requirements

10-Year Extended Warranty

An Option For Worry Free Ownership

Heavy-Duty Bar

Belongs To Probably The Strongest Wardrobe In The World

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