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YUKI Anti-Microbial 80*180*10cm Latex High-Density Foam Mattress 4 Inch Thickness ( For mini Trundle )


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  • AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay $24.91 SGD monthly for 12 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • AMEX/VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay $12.45 SGD monthly for 24 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • VISA/MASTERCARD: Pay $8.30 SGD monthly for 36 months without interest (0%). Available at Showrooms
  • or 3 instalments of $99.66 SGD with for online purchases

Type: Mattresses

This mattress uses the best high density foam with latex top layer foam. There is no mushy or light feeling. No low quality memory foam or low density stuff. It has just great support and lasting value. It is very suitable for children and persons with low body weight (under 60kg). It is designed specifically for the top/upper bunk of a double decker bed. Thick mattresses are extremely dangerous to use for the top bunk bed because the effective height of the safety side rail is reduced greatly. This may cause a child or person to fall several feet to the ground should they roll off the bed. Death or severe injuries may result.
  1. Our mattresses are made by Kuka.
  2. Both sides of the mattress are quilted for greater comfort.
  3. No embroidery for better price without any loss whatsoever in sleeping comfort
  4. Label is sewn at the side for better comfort.
  5. Specially designed to fit our mini trundle.


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