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CASTLE Kids Extendable Grow Baby Bed Promotion Package (MH-1292)


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Name of this cot: CASTLE Kids Extendable Grow Baby Bed (MH-1292)

1. The CASTLE grow bed
2. Special size mattress topper (for newborn) (90 x 140 x 7.5 cm)
3. Unique foam bumper made to fit (90 x 140 cm)
4. Special size mattress fitted sheet (90 x 140 cm)
5. Full size Kuka premium mattress (90 x 190 x 10cm)
6. Dimple pillow (specially designed for infants)
7. Comfort bean bag with cover
8. Second bean bag cover 
9. Ingenuity Bouncer
10. Mickey Mouse prop mat
* Free delivery
* Free installation
* 3-year structural warranty
* NOTE: All the 10 items are as per image shown. No change allowed.


1. The CASTLE grow bed
i. It's a full size standard single bed frame (90 x 190 cm)
ii. At newborn stage, you use the special baby cot size with safety cot railings, storage drawers and shelves at the side and at the back
iii. An extra 'trundle' if you place another mattress to sleep on or,
iv. Use it as a storage drawer
v. When baby is ready for a full size single bed, dismantle cot railings and side drawers to convert to full size bed and 2 side tables!


2. Special size mattress topper (for newborn) (90 x 140 x 7.5 cm)
i. Specially thought-out topper mattress just so you get the convenience with the frequent changing of bedsheets when baby is at newborn stage
ii. Made of high-resilience firm foam crucial for good support and safe for newborns


3. Unique foam bumper made to fit (90 x 140 cm)
i. Specially crafted into 4 pieces so that all hard surfaces and cot railings are covered just enough to protect baby's knocks and misses!
ii. This set of foam bumper is not available for sale anywhere else!


 4. Special size mattress fitted sheet (90 x 140 cm)
i. Specially tailored size to fit the high-resilience foam mattress topper
ii. Extra pieces of the bedsheet can be purchased separately


5. Full size latex standard single size mattress (90 x 190 x 10 cm)
i. Full size YUKI airgel memory foam comfort layer
ii. High resilience foam base for maximum support
iii. Removable double knitted fabric cover
iv. Non-slip base suitable for tatami beds


6. Features of Cheeky Bon Bon Dimple Pillow
i. Made of 100% natural cotton
ii. Created to help shape the skull of growing infants
iii. Relieves pressure on head and neck muscles of infants
iv. Offers support and comfort to babies during sleep, naps, or even when they are lying down



7+8. Cheeky Bon Bon Comfort Bean Bag + Cover & extra Cover
i. Great for keeping baby sideways
ii. Safe for use in any place
iii. Provides comfort not just to babies
iv. Made especially longer so that it can be rolled into a tight fit or loosely spread out providing good posture to baby in car seat, stroller, bouncer or vibrating chairs and more...
v. Size: L 125mm X W 400mm
vi. Comes with an additional fitting Bean Bag Cover



9. Features of Ingenuity Sampson Vibrating Bouncer
i. Removable toybar
ii. Removable head support
iii. 2 playtime toys
iv. Cradling seat
v. Adjustable 3-point harness
vi. 11 melodies and nature sounds to choose, with soothing vibrations
vii. Size: 58.42 x 48.26 x 58.42 cm
viii. Supports up to: 9kg



10. Mickey Mouse Prop Mat
i. Comes with detachable activity toys and prop pillow (for added support)
ii. Mat is machine-washable



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More about our grow bed

 Baby&Kids Competitors
Standard size of 190x90cm Non-Standard Sizes (165/175/180cm)
Comes with premium high quality mattress
Basic Mattresses Provided
Our beds are able to fit two mattress thickness sizes - 10-30cm
Constraint to a fixed mattress size due to bed construction
Warranty covers up to 10-years Not specified
In-stock Indent order; waiting time up to 3 months
Complete and comprehensive matching furniture Limited collection
Easy bed transformation Complicated transformation
We specialize in furniture with skilled carpenters and a workshop
Non-specialized; a "one-shop-sells-all" shop
Our grow beds is for 0-18 years 0-16 years; limited by non-standard size (165cm)
Fully customized kids bedroom options available Limited capabilities


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