Cheeky Bon Bon Hypoallergenic High Resilience Foam Mattress (66x96x7.5cm) CK817

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Product Description

Our high resistance, high impact foam is lovingly encased in new technology microfiber fabric. Specially beneficial to little ones with sensitive skin as the fabric repels any dust or airborne allergens. Due to its tight woven fibres, microfiber wicks away moisture and dries easily making it always a dry surface for your little one. You can feel it is very comfortable, feels-like-silk soft and resists pilling!



  • High resistance, high impact, high resilience foam is firm yet comfortable for your baby to avoid suffocation or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is the preferred mattress material for newborns.
  • Microfiber cover wicks away moisture and dries easily so bacteria and germs do not grow on the mattress. Maintaining hygiene for your baby is utmost priority.
  • Microfiber is commonly used for diapers because of its hypoallergenic features. It repels any dust and airborne allergens.
  • Cover is breathable, helping your baby regulate their body temperature effectively. Babies get warm easily so this cover helps them sleep cool.
  • Anti-pilling fabric ensures luxurious comfort and smoothness for your baby's skin. Rough fabric may cause your baby extreme discomfort.
  • Removable microfiber cover is useful for easy care whenever there is spillage or leak. Simple unzip and throw it in the washer with your usual detergent. Close the zip to ensure a snug fit on the mattress.


Product Specifications

  • Mattress size (cm): H7.5 x L96 x W66
  • Recommended for 0 to 3 years old

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