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ANGEL Swing Baby Cot Bed HL-2591


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Name of this cot: ANGEL Swing Baby Bed (HL-2591)


1. The ANGEL swing bed
2. High resilience foam mattress in microfibre cover (60 x 120 x 7.5 cm)
3. Unique foam bumper made 25 cm high for protection and 406 cm long
4. 2x Anti-viral & waterproof fitted bedsheet to fit (60 x 120 x 7.5 cm)
5. Multicare II baby mattress (60 x 120 x 12 cm)
6. Dimple pillow (specially designed for infants)
7. Comfort bean bag with cover
8. Second bean bag cover
9. Ingenuity Portable Swing
10. Mickey Mouse prop mat 
* Free delivery
* Free installation
* 3-year structural warranty
* NOTE: All the 10 items are as per image shown. No change allowed.



1. The ANGEL swing bed
i. The ONLY SWING baby cot in the market
ii. Made to European standard
iii. Cot railings are no more than 7cm apart
iv. Fixed cot base level as per European safety standard
v. Storage drawers are fitted with soft-close mechanism for smooth and noiseless closing


2. High resilience foam mattress (60 x 120 x 7.5 cm)
i. High Resolution Foam
ii. Microfibre Cover wicks away moisture and dries faster, providing cool surface
iii. Size: H 75mm X L 1200mm X W 600mm
iv. Suitable from birth 0 month to 2 years
v. Suitable for babies up to 25kg


3. Unique foam bumper made 25 cm high for protection and 406 cm long
i. The hard foam provides a better cushioning if baby kicks and knocks on the cot railing
ii. The firm foam also makes the bumper look neat all round the cot
iii. The bumper prevents baby's fingers and toes from being caught between cot slats
iv. Fitted with Satin Ties to secure the Cot Bumper to Cot Slats
v. Size: H 250mm X L 4060mm


4. 2x Anti-viral & waterproof fitted bed sheet to fit (60 x 120 x 7.5 cm)
i. Cheeky Bon Bon anti-viral & waterproof bed sheet possesses worldwide exclusive on the imbedding of zinc oxide in its fibres
ii. Zinc oxide fights and kills bacteria that causes skin irritation and reduces odours
iii. The waterproof underside provides money-back warranty on its water-proofness (no other manufacturer dares warranty!)
iv. The surface tencel fabric is cooling due to a shorter time to dry out wetness and absorbs more than ordinary cotton
v. The smooth tencel feel makes it so comfortable to lie on and sleep in, baby will have a better restful sleep


5. Features of Multicare II baby mattress
i. Mattress is reversible and can be used on both sides
ii. A firm foam layer for babies from 0-6 months provides safety and support
iii. Natural Latex on other side provides comfort and resilience to growing toddlers
iv. Tencel cover is green, environmentally & skin-friendly, absorbs more moisture and dries faster than other fabrics, keeping the mattress highly breathable
v. Made to last at least 5 years with proper care. No washing and no exposure to harsh sunlight
vi. Size: H 120mm X L 1200mm X W 600mm


6. Features of Cheeky Bon Bon Dimple Pillow
i. Created to help shape the skull of growing infants
ii. Relieves pressure on head and neck muscles of infants
iii. Offers support and comfort to babies during sleep, naps, or even when they are lying down



7+8. Cheeky Bon Bon Comfort Bean Bag & Cover
i. Great for keeping baby sideways
ii. Safe for use in any place
iii. Provides comfort not just to babies
iv. Made especially longer so that it can be rolled into a tight fit or loosely spread out providing good posture to baby in car seat, stroller, bouncer or vibrating chairs and more...
v. Size: L 125mm X W 400mm
vi. Comes with a fitting Bean Bag Cover for a change


9. Features of Ingenuity Whimsical Wild Portable Swing
i. Space-saving size for travel
ii. Automatic baby swing makes comfort a cinch
iii. Baby can tug and twist their soothing Taggies
iv. Made to soothe and relax with 2-position recline
v. 2 take-away toys will make baby smile
vi. Size: 72.39 x 57.15 x 58.42


10. Mickey Mouse Prop Mat
i. Comes with detachable activity toys and prop pillow (for added support)
ii. Mat is machine-washable



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More about our swing bed


 Baby&Kids Competitors
Standard size of 190x90cm Non-Standard Sizes (165/175/180cm)
Comes with premium high quality mattress
Basic Mattresses Provided
Our beds are able to fit two mattress thickness sizes - 10-30cm
Constraint to a fixed mattress size due to bed construction
Warranty covers up to 10-years Not specified
In-stock Indent order; waiting time up to 3 months
Complete and comprehensive matching furniture Limited collection
Easy bed transformation Complicated transformation
We specialize in furniture with skilled carpenters and a workshop
Non-specialized; a "one-shop-sells-all" shop
Our grow beds is for 0-18 years 0-16 years; limited by non-standard size (165cm)
Fully customized kids bedroom options available Limited capabilities


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