The Americana Chicago Industrie Collection

The americana chicago industrie collection by Picket&Rail

“Industrial” summons more charming thoughts today than those of manufacturing smokestacks in obscure lands. For all its symbolic meaning or not, it has evolved into a reference of style. Those who have a taste for the industrial look are set to be enraptured by Picket & Rail’s new staid and ravishing Chicago collection.

Chicago is industrial by character, not merely borrowing from the aesthetic. Its material, form and engineering exude heavy duty strength. Every feature celebrates the power of mechanism, of technology and of contraption, reinforcing the collection’s industrial character.

A formidable union of rugged gunmetal and American poplar that retains all the glory of its timber’s raw, natural scars, and the imposing strength of heavy metal, Chicago is impure, swarthy beauty made material. 

Featured: Chicago Solid Wood Bed (Queen)

Know your Wood: American Poplar

Each wood has its own character.

The single most characteristic feature of the American Poplar is its advantage of growing tremendously big, tremendously fast, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly timbers to be used for manufacturing furniture and other wood products.

Almost all poplars have the tendency to readily take root from cuttings or simply branches that have broken off and lie on the ground.  They grow widely in North America, particularly in the virgin cove forests of the Appalachian Mountains, growing up to more than 50m in height, often with no branches until it reaches 25-30 metres, making it a very valuable timber tree! Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing trees not plagued with problems of weak wood strength or short lifespan, as is suffered by most fast-growing tree species. 

Many poplars are grown as ornamental trees, for their simple natural beauty and erect branching. Still others are used for the production of furniture because of the exceptional qualities of its timber - strength, reliance and environmental friendliness.

Poplar wood has a pale yellowish to olive green bark, a medium to fine texture and is straight grained. It has tendencies to darken on exposure to light and turns mildly browner. For this reason, Poplar is known to age very well. The Poplar timber is also prized for its versatility—ease of machining, planning, turning, gluing and boring. It also takes and holds paint, enamel and stain excellently.

Even more interestingly, the ravishing American Poplar has though history been used as an astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substance. It is effective in treating intermittent fevers, chronic diarrhoea, rheumatoid arthritis and urinary affections. It also has a fragrant aroma.

Featured: Chicago Solid Wood Bed (King)

Product Features

Rivet-studded edges

Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners created to endure sheer tension and load. It is no wonder this application has long reinforced monumental structures such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the mighty ships that sail thousands of miles across the oceans daily. These inconspicuous parts of metal are the source from which so much might is derived.

The studded Chicago celebrates the power of the rivet.

Turnbuckle stretchers

A turnbuckle is a tensioning device that controls the strain distribution in rope, cables and tie-rods, ensuring the optimum balance of constriction. Chicago applies this fascinating technology, applying it in adept stretchers for its tables, whilst paying tribute to the concept that made aircraft wing tensioning, ship rigging and boxing rings possible.

Wire-meshed glass

Wired glass is made through the process of rolling wire mesh between ribbons of molten glass during production. Traditionally used as a partial safety glass, the wire frame holds the glass in place in the event that it shatters - serving the dual purpose of preventing injuries from the broken pieces and preventing the spread of fire by acting as a physical barrier. The angular, grid-shaped wire mesh conjures mental images of structure and stability, reinforcing the idea that industrial style need not be merely functional, but evocative as well.

Chicago’s cabinet doors are fitted with this antique, rugged, hardy material.

Velvet-lined drawers

Complementing Chicago’s fascinating, rough handsomeness, all drawers are graced with a touch of swank—lined with voguish black velvet, an unexpected, clashingly perfect complement that denies contradiction by reason of style. Be surprised by what Chicago has to offer both inside and out.

Anti-fungus treated wood

All of Chicago’s wood is treated with anti-fungal chemical added at the color-base, ensuring fungus free furniture, a common problem in our local climate. Chicago furniture doesn't only Look tough.

Anti-rust treated metal

Chicago gunmetal is colour-matched and painted for anti-rust assurance.

Waxed & lacquered wood surfaces

All Chicago wood surfaces are protected and pampered with a layer of wax to create a scratch-resistant, mild gloss surface that lightly touches the wood with a classy glaze, without hindering its rough-hewn aesthetic. Light lacquering exhibits the raw, natural beauty of the timber.