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May 17, 2017


The license plate on that old Chevy. The painting of the coquettish lass leaning on the door posts of the old mansion up the hill. The farmer’s shovel, the blacksmith’s mallet, cannon balls and rifles. The crowned stone statue with a book in one hand and a torch in the other. 

The picket fence.

Americana is an artifact—a remnant of the greatest nation in history’s books.

Americana is where our gaze melts into the understanding and recognition of meaning and fact.

Because it’s what they used to know: The nature, the timber, and the elements that took her high enough. The homes they built with their own hands. The earth beneath their feet as they worked the land and lived off of it.

Americana—experience the earth and elements that made her who she is. Pay tribute. America.


Americana Series Features

The Americana series stands testament to the dynamic qualities of wood, with its natural grain and pleasant finishing. Complementing this essence are rounded edges and a substantial thickness. Most of the tops are 30 mm thick, at a minimum.

Even the slides of all drawers as well as inside and outside backings of furniture pieces are made of rubber wood, enhancing the overall natural presence and looking decent from all angles. Given the ease of working with this wood, special details are included, such as the diamond cuts made on several pieces.

The Americana series is also as adaptable as it is resilient. Certain pieces are customizable, easily mixed-and-matched according to your needs.

The Americana series epitomizes down-to-earth elegance and grace.



The living room is the heart of any home. It is the shared private space of the occupants, but also the public face of the family house. It is the one common leisure place, constantly dynamic with entertainment, relaxation, activity and traffic. The Americana living room series internalizes these functions while essentializing expression and personality. The material, cut, style and design of each piece serves to impose purpose packaged in pure, natural comfort. The Americana living room strengthens the soul of the family by accommodating shared respite and activity, while a visual treat of poise and warmth, with character.




Meals are a powerful interaction point for families, providing opportunities for meaningful communication and connection. A successful meal is one that is dual-focused—on the food and on the family. The Americana dining room series was designed toward that aspiration. Wood has long been regarded as the best material for food. Apart from its being a product of nature, enhancing the experience of food, the organic character of solid wood makes the meal all the more wholesome, guarding its partakers from the threats of toxic chemicals. Each piece of furniture is crafted to create ease and encourage enjoyment at the table, transforming passing minutes into lasting moments.



Work is not always easy. But you can always ease up your workplace. The Americana work series accommodates every function a home office requires, with style. Rubber wood, faring higher on the strength scale than even the traditional hardwoods, possesses a unique sturdiness to sustain a space laden with books and equipment. Natural wood has visual and tactile power to bring the calm and tranquility of the outdoors in, providing balance for any man-made space.


The bedroom is without doubt the most private and personal space in any home. For many, it is inextricably linked with the emotional space of the soul. An exclusive, hush-hush zone of repose and recharge, the bedroom must be furnished holistically to supply one’s usage needs, and styled specifically to portray the personality of its inhabitant. Both are intensely individual. The natural material and simple elegance of the Americana bedroom series caters the necessary comfort. Wood, with its power to blend effortlessly with a variety of materials, lends the perfect canvas for the creation of a private space with personalized character.



"A place for everything, everything in its place."
Benjamin Franklin

People need order to restore peace and to function at their optimum. Rise above the clutter and find serenity in style with the Americana storage range. Simplicity and versatility grants each piece the ability to befit any room, introducing necessary utility to the living space. Made without compromise of design or function, Americana beautifies and simplifies effectively.


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