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Whole House Customization

March 17, 2020

Whole House Customization

Picket&Rail is the probably only true blue premium full range furniture and carpentry store left in Singapore.

The other furniture stores are mostly specialists focusing on either mattresses, sofas, or specific styles such as teak furniture with limited range.

The big box stores other than IKEA are selling mostly mattresses, sofas and some dining tables. They don't sell many side cabinets, buffers, shoe cabinets, dressers, study tables, bookcases, modular cabinetry, designer kitchen cabinets, toilet cabinets or custom carpentry services.

At Picket&Rail we sell all types furniture for every room in the house. From the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen.

We have/are:
  • the widest range of wood furniture in Singapore.
  • the exclusive distributorship for Kuka® Home. The world's number one leather sofa brand.
  • the exclusive distributorship for Oppein® Home. The world's number one custom cabinetry maker in the world. Oppein® is renowned for their kitchen cabinets.
  • the exclusive distributorship for Suofeiya®. Asia's number custom cabinetry maker.
  • the widest collection of the Original Tatami storage beds
  • the widest range of ready made and custom cabinetry. We have literally thousands of designs.
  • the widest range of baby and kids furniture.
  • the widest range of Kitchen Cabinets designs. We cater from basic requirements to designer level installations. 
  • the exclusive distributorship of WinUs® Blinds. The original Korea Blinds brand and intelligent curtains.

Whole House Customisation

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