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Picket&Rail: Arbiters of Style at Home with Its Newest Additions to Its Lineup

August 29, 2014

Picket&Rail: Arbiters of Style at Home with Its Newest Additions to Its Lineup

Picket&Rail’s latest arrivals join their counterparts in the ‘First Ladies’ series and are streamlined and contemporary, their simple elegance almost evocative of a Scandinavian aesthetic. Perfectly unadorned and without embellishment (these pieces don’t need any), the First Ladies furniture pieces fit in more formal areas and family spaces alike.

Eating is more than an act of physical sustenance. Savoring a meal with its heady melange of flavors, colors, smells and (textures tantalizes all the senses. It’s an experience that is only amplified when you share it with your families and loved ones.

If Picket&Rail’s Jackie dining table is sleekly striking with strategical cut-outs, the Martha dining table brings it all back to the family with an elegantly rendered round dining table that seats 6. The wooden table top in ash veneer is boldly complemented by the substantial, tapering legs of the Martha table. The round dining table is both modern in looks and traditional in shape: perfect for more intimate spaces and family dining. The top rail backs of the matching Martha dining chairs tilt slightly upwards and rest against a slightly splayed frame with stretcher beams for added stability and rigidity. The chairs’ seat pads are upholstered in a beautiful green tea linen that complements the colour of the wood. The Martha collection is named after Martha Washingston, who was the very first First Lady, having wed George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Perfectly proportioned, Picket&Rail’s dining chairs from its ‘First Ladies’ series are also appealing from all angles, especially the back. After all, you see the backs of your dining chairs more often than not.


Even something as simple as Picket&Rail’s Betty dining chair design isn’t staid due to the slant of the back legs that is mirrored in the backward tilt of the fully padded and upholstered seat. The Betty dining chairs are upholstered in a delicious mocha linen that goes well with the walnut colour of the wood. The flat top of the Betty dining table, rendered in walnut veneer, has gorgeous grains but it is the unique legs that make a statement. The solid wood ‘peg’ legs are incredibly sturdy and join the table to an apron that is congruent to the table design. This design is replicated in the Betty Coffee and Side Tables as well. The Betty collection is named after Betty Ford, who was the much-admired wife of President Gerald R. Ford.

The Betty Rectangular Mirror would not be out of place anywhere, with its lovely walnut grains and a simple line that bisects the frame. The Barbara Console Table is both functional and too pretty to hide and makes a great room divider. It can also be placed along a wall or behind a sofa. Put your belongings in its drawers for safekeeping and accessories as well as everyday odds and ends that you need close by on the console table. The Barbara Console Table also comes in an all-walnut body if you need something more neutral to match your interior decor. It has staunch legs and a wooden apron cut in a gentle curved pattern.


Picket&Rail’s Jackie sideboard has a similar design, with its handsome walnut angular body, striking black drawers set into the frame and stout feet that, along with brushed steel strips for drawer pulls, lend it a modern edge. The doors open to a large central storage compartment for your crockery and glassware while a column of three drawers also provide ample storage space for cutlery and linen.

Picket&Rail’s Rosalyn and Barbara dining table designs are replicated in their coffee and side tables. The Rosalyn side table is perfect for placing a lamp upon. The Rosalyn Lounge Chairs also go perfectly with the Rosalyn side table. The comfortable wooden lounge chairs have a lower seat that, together with the padded back, rest against the solid wood frame. A quirk of the chairs is that the front legs differ slightly from the sloping back legs.

The Rosalyn TV Cabinet is gorgeous; the rounded edges give the cabinet a delicacy that is accentuated by the beautiful walnut veneer. Even the inner back panels boast the walnut veneer. The design is grounded by the platform base. The Rosalyn TV Cabinet has a generous top and its open components also allow easy access to your home entertainment system. Two generous drawers make the perfect holdalls for everything else.

Picket&Rail’s Martha chic study desk design, done in handsome walnut veneer with the striations of natural tone and grain, is bound by strong lines of black powder coated steel. Its open design gives the study desk an extraordinary airy lightness. The unique desk top seems almost carved out and the boxy drawer looks suspended mid-air.

These new additions to Picket&Rail’s First Ladies series provide beguiilng choices by way of shape, color and style for your furniture and marry form and function beautifully.

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