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Picket&Rail: Arbiter of Dining Style with Its Newest Additions to Its Lineup

July 23, 2014

Picket&Rail: Arbiter of Dining Style with Its Newest Additions to Its Lineup

Your home dining set is one of those home essentials you cannot skimp on. Communal meals, and entertaining, are the cornerstone of home living, after all. The delicious food is an eternal drawing point but a beautiful and comfortable dining set grounds your dining area and will enhance your meals and provide an impulse to linger after.

Picket&Rail’s latest arrivals join their counterparts in the ‘First Ladies’ series and are streamlined and contemporary, their simple elegance almost evocative of a Scandinavian aesthetic. Perfectly unadorned and without embellishment (these pieces don’t need any), the First Ladies dining sets fit in more formal dining areas and family spaces alike.

Perfectly proportioned, Picket&Rail’s dining chairs from its First Ladies series are also appealing from all angles, especially the back. You see the backs of your dining chairs more often than not, after all.

Picket&Rail’s Eleanor dining chairs are rendered in a handsome walnut color and the seat pads are also fully padded and upholstered in stylish espresso linen, making them extremely comfortable. The upholstery is lightly molded, thanks to the wide horizontal lines in the pattern, and makes for a calming effect. The open and airy design of Picket&Rail’s Eleanor dining table and chair legs also lightens up the space. The sturdy, angular legs of the Eleanor dining chairs are further braced by stretcher beams.


This is repeated in the complementary Eleanor dining table, which has a top of unique tempered black glass, making it an eminently practical (and classy) choice. The mix of materials adds interest to the Eleanor dining table as well as makes cleaning up after meals a breeze. The corners of the black glass table top are also thoughtfully rounded so you don’t have to worry about running into them. The table is large enough to seat six and is an ideal choice for any home. Named after the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, Picket&Rail’s Eleanor dining set is built in that spirit to be long-lasting.


Picket&Rail’s Jackie dining set, named after the incredibly stylish First Lady Jacqueline “Jackie” Lee (Bouvier) Kennedy Onassis, is a little more daring, just like her namesake. The Jackie dining set forms a striking tableau, prompting you to walk up and pull up one of the chairs to drop into, all the while marvelling at the edgy silhouettes of the chairs. The Jackie dining chair seats are fully padded and upholstered in comfortable espresso linen, held tantalizingly aloft distinctive boldly-geometric bases with generous, low-slung curved arms.

The complementary Jackie dining table possesses a softly sleek top in walnut veneer, with the striations of natural tone and grain. What really makes a visual statement is the Jackie dining table's wide, tapering trapezoid base design. There are glides on the base to protect flooring as well as ensure that the table does not slide around. The Jackie dining table's architectural framework also has a cross-bar brace for reinforced stability; evidently, the structural elements of this dining set are meant to be exposed and celebrated. The gentle inward curves of the table top are also a great counterpoint to the lines of the table base that is made of black powder coated steel. Picket&Rail’s Jackie dining table's comes in two lengths, 1.6 and 1.8 meters, with the latter seating eight comfortably and being perfect for larger homes and extended families.


Picket&Rail’s Rosalyn dining set is playful without being irreverent, with center grommets and strong, solid cantilever-style legs that are pointed inwards and slightly tapered downwards. This adds stability to the table, which is composed in elegant walnut veneer. There are glides on the base to protect flooring as well as ensure that the table does not slide around. The smoothness of Picket&Rail’s Rosalyn table invites you to run your fingers over it and also makes dining off it a pleasure. The table is large enough to seat six and is an great choice for any home. The accompanying Rosalyn dining chairs have seat pads fully padded and upholstered in stunning red wine linen and slightly tapered center cross bases for structural support. Picket&Rail’s Rosalyn dining set is named after the First Lady of Georgia, Eleanor Rosalynn Carter.

Picket&Rail’s Barbara dining set is named after the First Lady of the United States, Barbara Bush. The Barbara chairs are both ergonomic and sculptural in style. The top rail backs of the chairs tilt slightly upwards and envelop you while the sturdy legs taper to give the chairs a muscular look. The stretcher beams of the Barbara chairs are thick, supporting the curved faux leather seat pads. The complementary Barbara dining table, done in ash veneer, possesses similarly sturdy legs that splay for added stability. The table also has simple corner brackets that add lovely details to the overall warm design. The home-worthy Barbara dining table can accommodate six.

These new additions to Picket&Rail’s First Ladies series provide beguiilng choices by way of shape, color and style for your dining furniture and marry form and function beautifully.

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