Picket&Rail Offers Beautiful Original Korean Wallpaper and Certified Installation

May 17, 2017

Red Herringbone Korean Wallpaper by Picket and Rail

Wallpaper has a rich history that harkens back to the Renaissance in Europe and Albrecht Dürer, who is considered the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance. First taken up by the gentry class, the lower classes also began clamoring for wallpaper – along with the aristocrats who looked to exquisite wallpaper as the next alternative to the tapestries that they could no longer get due to the vicissitudes of trade.

Modern wallpaper offers worlds upon worlds (or rather, rooms upon rooms) of possibilities and looks. Wallpaper instantly creates a mood and can dramatize the décor of a room in so many ways. There is a veritable sea of sublime wallpaper designs and sumptuous tactile textures including faux finishes, oriental motifs, embossed wallpaper with exacting detail and even murals today. Wallpaper permits you to indulge your imagination.

Wallpaper works wonderfully on an accent or feature wall. It can also work as contrast or a bold focal point. It is also easier to mix and match patterns using wallpaper combinations. There is something both refreshing and mesmerising about a subtle underlying thread that pulls together the entire scheme of your interior design in a space.

Wallpaper has more depth and choices than paint, from neutral colourways to more exuberant and even urbane metallic palettes. It is calibrated to your tastes (there is almost a bespoke quality to wallpaper) – and lasts longer too. Wallpaper lasts five times longer than paint, with normal use. Wallpaper can last for at least 15 years and is easier to maintain. Painted walls need to be cleaned frequently and requires repainting every couple of years. Wallpaper does not just improve the aesthetics of your walls; it covers up and smoothens a multitude of sins when it comes to uneven surfaces and minor imperfections on your walls.

Surprisingly, wallpaper might cost slightly more upfront but proves to be more cost-efficient over the years. This makes it especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and corridors. Wallpaper is also washable; cleaning wallpaper is as easy as running a damp cloth over it.

Picket&Rail carries a vast array of authentic, high-quality Korean wallpaper that is fully made in and directly imported from Korea. You can find stunning Korean catalogues at all of Picket&Rail’s showrooms to browse through. Picket&Rail’s showrooms also utilize the original Korean wallpaper in their décor so visitors can see and touch it for themselves and envisage how wallpaper would look like in their own settings.

There is a real alchemy involved in the installation of these specialized wall coverings. Picket&Rail takes care of everything by providing professional installation. The wallpaper hangers that Picket&Rail employs maintain high standards, stay on top of current and new methods of wallpaper installation and are also fully certified by Picket&Rail’s Korean partner. They are qualified to work with high walls, ceilings with border inlays, archways and challenging surfaces and able to dispense advice on the best wallpaper practices and care because of their extensive and intrinsic knowledge of wallpaper. They use a special glue that does not soak through and ruin the wallpaper because Korean wallpaper is well made and long-lasting.

Picket&Rail’s professional wallpaper hangers are also trained to be able to seamlessly join and tweak patterns when installing wallpaper: this minimizes wastage of wallpaper. They also assess customers’ walls and provide supplementary services such as priming, including repair and sealing of any defects in the walls, and waterproofing of walls before wallpaper installation.

Picket&Rail, having had prior commercial experience in wallpaper, trusts in Korea’s quality, style and design when it comes to wallpaper. These enhanced qualities distinguish Korean wallpaper from their competitors. Korean wallpaper is also longer and wider than American or European rolled wallpaper, spanning up to 1.09m wide and 15.1m long. This gives customers who choose Korean wallpaper more bang for their buck. Original Korean wallpaper designs are advanced are often copied but never bettered in terms of quality. Picket&Rail also sources for and brings in new Korean designs and products directly from Korea every three months.

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