Spend Your Money on These Cabinets Instead

Spend Your Money on These Cabinets Instead

The addition of modular cabinets and storage systems allows for great flexibility. Most Singapore homes where space is constantly a constraint, a bit of creativity and selecting the right furniture are key in ensuring our homes look spacious.

If you are particularly constrained for space, a multifunctional combination of cabinets and a lap table can double up as both dining and study furniture in one combination. These space-saving ideas not only help you save space but also your pockets.

Another huge incentive of customizable and modular storage cabinet is that it is much easier for additional units and elements to be built upon the original design when you find yourself needing more storage space.

Made using American Walnut hardwood and finished in Norya's unique "7-dimensional" finish, the configuration shown above shows how you can save both money and space by opting a lap table together with storage cabinets which can double up as both a home office work station and a compact 4-pax dining table.

The lap table is available in an assortment of lengths, widths and even storage options at the foot end. You can start with this configuration first, later adding additional units and elements built upon this original design should you require additional storage spaces in future.

Every single cabinet in Norya's huge catalog each comes in several heights, widths and lengths. An excellent choice for both smaller and larger homes. 

Want to know more? Simply visit Norya's Flagship Store at the Picket&Rail Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore Lane today and let our consultants offer you much needed advice on furniture layout, space planning and home furniture financial advice.