Bringing Your Baby Home Safely From Hospital

Bringing Your Baby Home Safely From Hospital

Bringing your baby home from the hospital for the very first time is a momentous and precious occasion for new parents. For many new parents, the first trip home is in their car and kitting it out to be newborn-ready with the right capsule or car seat is a must. It will help ease any ‘first timer’ nerves you are probably experiencing. Remember that these nerves are completely normal; an experience facing all new parents.

But what does that mean, and what is needed to make that first trip safe and secure?

We’re sharing our tips on what you can do to make your journey home from the hospital comfortable and safe for your new baby. You’ll be armed with the knowledge, and the gear, to make the trip a success. All has changed in your world – with the addition of one small, very important person, to your family! Suddenly, you have a new baby to care for who occupies your every thought and their safety is highest on the agenda.


After the birth of a baby, you’re probably feeling more than a little exhausted. Those big expectant eyes are looking up at you full of dependence and hope and you wouldn’t be the first new parent to feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to bringing your little one home for the first time, you’ll want to arm yourself with the confidence and tools to make that transition smooth, easy and secure.

So, when you enter the family home, you’re ready to start this exciting next chapter full of confidence and delight for what’s to come.


CabrioFix i-Size

Choosing and installing the car seat

With comfort and safety in mind, let’s start by finding your baby’s first car seat. There are so many options on the market - where do you start?

Finding a car seat brand that you can depend on is key, and we’re proud that Australian parents trust us to help bring their precious cargo home safely. We’ve actually brought over 50 million babies home from the hospital! The next option to consider is what type of car seat to choose from. Newborn babies can travel, rear-facing, in a capsule or a convertible car seat.

A capsule is suitable for newborn babies up until around six months of age and they’re a cosy and compact option. Its safety features include Superior Head Protection Air Protect, an Extendable Sun Canopy with UPF 50+ and a water-resistant hood with rear and side mesh inserts for continuous air flow.

“The CabrioFix i-Size baby capsule helps to keep babies comfortable with extra padding and additional head support. The integrated sun canopy helps shield the sunlight off when baby is asleep. When used with a FamilyFix base, it comes with 5 recline positions, perfect to readjust to the most comfortable position for your little one.

Before you travel home with your baby home, we recommend giving the car seat a ‘test drive’. Take a little time to practice installing the car seat or capsule into your vehicle. We recommend having your capsule or car seat professionally installed for added peace of mind and security. You can use a doll (or even a bag of flour!) to practice putting your ‘baby’ in and out of the seat and using the straps too.

Its innovative magnetic harness holders and Easy Out harness pads that ensure that the harness straps are out of the way when placing baby in and out of the baby capsule.


Maxi-Cosi Mica 360 Rotation Convertible Car Seat

As an alternative to a capsule, you might opt for a convertible car seat. This adaptability means that babies can continue to use the seat they’ve grown accustomed to - even when it’s time for forward face them! This seat can be used for babies from newborn up to approximately 4 years of age.

Our most sought after Mica 360° rotational convertible car seat is renowned for its advanced safety and comfort, from Europe’s most trusted and popular car seat brand. It’s cocooning softness suits babies from newborn to 4 years of age, with a comfort insert for early sleeps and a cushioned headrest to support baby’s head as it grows.

It features our world first comfort headrest that ensures a customised experience for your child and its innovative design, and is fully reclinable at all angles, making it a bliss to get your kid in and out of the seat at any angle.

Mica also features our new Safety Shield technology which offers tailored and patented Air Protect and G-CELL head and torso protection whilst being Australia's most compact rearward facing car seat at 540mm depth.


Making your home baby-ready

As well as giving your new capsule or car seat a test run, you can also do some forward planning at home. Setting up the nursery and stocking up on the newborn basics will give you a little more confidence that when your baby comes home, you’ll have a few things already in order.

Essentially, your baby needs very little more than a place to sleep, something to eat, clothing and lots of love from you. That said, spending a little time in the months before your due date in getting baby-ready at home will help you prepare in advance.


Arriving home

Get ready to enter the ‘new baby bubble’!

It’s that short-lived period of time when your new little family arrives home and you can take some time to bond and familiarise yourselves with each other. That is, before the family and friends descend and start the line for cuddles!

This is the time to really get to know each other and to start learning about what new parenthood is all about. Go easy on yourselves, and each other, while you start to discover your new routine and responsibilities.

It will take a little time for you to start recognising your baby’s cues and what it means they need – whether it’s a feed, a change or simply a cuddle.

During the first few weeks, take your time in introducing your baby to your family and friends, one by one. This way, your baby can get slowly used to new people and you won’t feel overwhelmed by having too many guests around at one time.

The first few weeks of parenthood can be both tiring and trying at times while you find your feet – but you will find your way so be gentle on yourself. Take in that new baby smell, observe every tiny detail and change in your developing baby and have confidence in knowing that you’re doing your best.

Finally, if one of those early visitors offers help of any kind, grab it with both hands!

We would love for you to share your new baby pics with us! Get in touch and let us know how your trip home from the hospital went.