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KUKA Leather Guide

August 05, 2013

Leather is the strongest natural material. In fact, leather is so strong it is virtually impossible to puncture or tear without great force. A seam in leather is 50 percent stronger than a seam in fabric. But just knowing that isn’t enough so we’ve whipped up a handy guide to our KUKA leathers for you. KUKA's craftspeople check each individual hide to ensure that KUKA leathers are, quite simply, outstanding. The only thing you have to concern yourself with is which grade of leather to choose for your needs. Remember: it’s not just about choosing the ‘right’ leather, it’s about choosing the right leather for your lifestyle.


Perfetto=Italian for 'perfect'

Opulento=Italian for 'opulent'

Maestro=Italian for 'master'


KUKA Opulento and N Leathers (Semi-Aniline Leather, 1.5-1.7 mm thick)

KUKA Opulento Leather has been dyed with soluble dyes so that it is softer, more supple and warmer to the touch, with the natural character of the leather shining through. It has a slight sheen. It also has a thin protective top coat to prevent wear and staining, resulting in a more even finish. The KUKA Opulento Leather is long-lasting, easy to clean and absorbs less moisture. KUKA Opulento Leather is the obvious choice for those who don’t wish to compromise on the luxurious feel, comfort and quality of leather. It is a great fit with contemporary lifestyles. KUKA Opulento Leather is also thicker than many similar leathers being offered by other retailers.

The grains of KUKA Opulento Leathers have been corrected (sanded, buffed or snuffed) to even the texture and imperfections and embossed to make for a beautiful leather surface pattern. This embossing also makes the leather softer and retains its unique feel and elegance.

KUKA Perfetto Leather (1.8-1.9 mm thick) 

KUKA Perfetto Leather uses the whole hide, much like full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is high-maintenance, especially in Singapore’s humid weather. The difference is that KUKA has gone the whole hog and treated the leather to improve its water resistance as well as enhance its durability. Its thickness accounts for its great tensile strength. KUKA Perfetto Leather is one of our tougher leathers and affords cushy comfort while being intended to last for years on end without signs of wear and tear even with heavy daily use. The careful processing that it goes through and the application of a protective top coat result in unparalleled performance and longevity. It is also much easier to clean and maintain. KUKA Perfetto Leather is thus exceedingly practical for commercial use as well as families with pets.

The grains of KUKA Perfetto Leathers have been corrected (sanded, buffed or snuffed) to even the texture and imperfections and embossed to make for a beautiful leather surface pattern. This embossing also makes the leather softer and retains its characteristic feel and elegance.

KUKA Maestro Leather (Top-Grain Leather, 1.1-1.3 mm thick)

Top-grain leather actually refers to the top surface that has been separated from the lower grain or “split” part of the hide. This top layer is the densest and thus strongest part of the entire hide. KUKA Maestro Leather is thinner and hence more supple than full-grain leather. It has been sanded and coated with a finish which is resistant to most stains, rendering it a high-performing leather. It possesses good tensile strength as well and is resistant to tears.

The grains of KUKA Maestro Leathers have been corrected (sanded, buffed or snuffed) to even the texture and imperfections and embossed to make for a beautiful leather surface pattern. This embossing also makes the leather softer and retains its unique feel and elegance.

Our KUKA leathers have been dyed all the way through in our careful and thorough tanning processes. This is a sign of top-quality leather.

Leather is breathable and helps regulate temperature by absorbing and releasing humidity through natural pores. This means that your KUKA leather sofa will be warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is warm.

Leather also ages very well and increasingly conforms to your body over time so you are essentially breaking it in to make it perfectly accustomed to you. Because leather is a natural material, it will stretch and crease over time. Using your leather sofa will add nuances and individuality to its looks as well as heighten its natural comfort.

Feel up our KUKA leathers in person at our newest luxury sofa showroom at 36 Kaki Bukit Place (two floors!) or our KUKA Factory Direct Showroom on Level 3. We have a plethora of fine top-grain leathers from European rawhides. KUKA doesn’t compromise on leather quality hence we only carry top-grain leathers from Northern Europe- basically the best that there is out there. KUKA also has their own leather tannery for production of their exclusive range of leathers utilizing the most advanced technologies. As for shades of color- whether your tastes run to a bold teal, a classic gray or a truly head-turning red, we have it all.

Simply asking after the provenance of the leathers you pick isn’t enough (and who knows if you’re getting the truth elsewhere anyway): buying from a reputable sofa maker and retailer is important. Picket&Rail has been in the furniture industry in Singapore for 14 years (and focused only on furniture throughout to truly hone our expertise) and is an authorized local distributor of the internationally renowned KUKA brand. We pride ourselves on our honesty and brand trust that we have worked hard to establish over the years. At Picket&Rail and with KUKA, our customers always get what they want.

Now you know all about our KUKA leathers, check out why you should buy original KUKA sofas from Picket & Rail and the natural characteristics that you can expect of leather.

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