Get a New Kuka Leather Sofa for Raya ☪️

Get a New Kuka Leather Sofa for Raya ☪️

Avoid stressful last minute Raya furniture shopping with our ready stock and immediate delivery Kuka leather and fabric sofas! Award-winning design, proprietary comfort formula and world-class materials make any Kuka sofa a worthy upgrade from your current model.

Scroll to read more about the features that make each sofa unique and spot which best fits your family's lifestyle.

All illustrations are for display purposes only. Our team tries to find the most accurately depicting image. For accurate sizes and leather or fabric swatches, do visit the Kuka Flagship Store @ 25 Tagore, open daily from 10am - 9pm.



#1 KUKA #1372 Top-Grain Leather 2-Seater Daybed Sofa with Adjustable Backrests & Side Arms (Color: M5652)
U.P. $6199 NOW $2999

Ultra-modern in its aesthetic – this sofa is what happens when form meets function. Sleek and minimalist in its design with just two ski legs in brushed stainless steel, this daybed sofa looks simple but features four independent moving parts by Leggett&Platt.

The two armrests can be lowered to flatten the surface of the sofa into a flat surface for sleep or extra seating capacity. When the armrests are in the down or daybed position, the 1372 can easily seat four, with the entire top of the sofa effortlessly transforming into seating space.

The mechanism allows the armrests to be fixed in multiple positions, perfect for reading a book, browsing on a device. This also allows the 1372 to accommodate different pillow height preferences – if you’re the type to use a thick and fat pillow, the armrest can be raised slightly higher to get into your ideal position.

Both backrests can also independently lift up, backwards and down again to widen the seating area, creating additional room to lounge or lay down. All this is achieved without changing the overall dimensions, meaning that the 1372 is perfectly comfortable even with its back pushed up against a wall. When it isn’t, though, the back is just as attractive as the front, being fully finished and lovely from every angle.



KUKA #KT.031 Top-Grain L-Shaped Leather Sofa w/Adjustable Headrests (Color: M5651/SP)
U.P. $7399 NOW $3999



#1 KUKA KT.031 Top-Grain 3-Seater Leather Sofa (Col: M5658)
U.P. $2999 NOW $1499

Made of the same stuff used in premium handbags, the KT031 proudly features wide panels of top grain leather, not little ones stitched together. That’s how you know we used the best parts of the hide to bring you this sofa.

This sofa also features a backrest and headrest with two different firmness levels – the backrest is a little firmer to support your back and give you comfort even after a long sit down, while the headrest is pillow-soft so you can sink deliciously deep into this sofa.

The armrests feature an ergonomic curve to better support your arms. Those same curved lines highlight the skill of the craftsman manufacturing this sofa as they’re very difficult to produce. By going for thinner armrests, this compact sofa is able to seat three people comfortably even though it is under two meters in width.

Because of this, the KT.031 is equally suitable as a complement to a larger sofa in more spacious homes, or the primary sofa in more compact ones. It can even be put into large bedrooms to recreate that wonderful hotel feeling and give you more options to kick back and relax.

With clean, curving lines and distinctive black powder coated metal legs, this one is perfect for your modern or loft style homes. The best part? We’ve knocked a thousand dollars off the price.



#1 KUKA #5371 Top Grain 1-Seater Highback Leather Sofa (Color: M5658)
U.P. $3599 NOW $1899

#1 KUKA #5371 Top Grain 3-Seater Highback Leather Sofa (Color: M5658)
U.P. $5899 NOW $3199

This 2.5 seater sofa is great for those who want a super solid and planted feel to their sofa. Featuring echoes of classic and old school designs with the hidden legs and fat armrests, this sofa is great for packing in guests for special occasions. Three can fit in the middle and another 2 can perch on the armrests, so you never need to worry about your guests lacking for space.



#1 KUKA #KF.086 Top-Grain Leather 3 Seater Sofa Col: M5652/SP
U.P. $6399 NOW $2999

#1 KUKA #KF.086 3-Seater Tessuto-Leather Sofa (Fabric C-771)
U.P. $2299 NOW $999

The Tessuto seems to float on its four thin and elegant metal legs, yet features super stable construction, and gives a solid feel when sitting and relaxing. Generously deep and comfortable seats will make you never want to get up once you’ve taken a seat.

In fact, the distinctive split headrest and backrest design isn’t just decorative – the backrest cushion is a little firmer to support your back when sitting (especially for long periods), while the headrest is softer so you can lean your head back comfortably.

Aesthetically, we believe the Tessuto’s classic and handsome silhouette will elevate your living room. The sofa draws from mid-century design and can match both modern and classic home styles. It also pairs especially well with a metal-legged dining or coffee table.

Its 2.1m length seats three people comfortably and even four if they are smaller in size. The wide and plush armrests that do such a good job supporting your arms also make lying down on this sofa a joy, and can even double up as perches for kids when things get crowded during Hari Raya, Christmas or Chinese New Year.



#1 KUKA #2537 3-Seater Waterproof Fabric Sofa (Color: C-1075)
U.P. $2199 NOW $999

#1 KUKA #2537 2-Seater Waterproof Fabric Sofa (Color: C-1075)
U.P. $2199 NOW $899

KUKA #2537 3-Seater Waterproof Fabric Sofa (Color: C-297) - Blue
U.P. $2699 NOW $799

#1 KUKA #2537 2-Seater Waterproof Fabric Sofa (Color: C-297) - Blue
U.P. $1199 NOW $699

All the comfort and expertise of KUKA in a budget friendly package.

The 2537 sofa features a handsome and simple Scandinavian aesthetic. Nordic design language is inspired by the beauty of nature, and this sofa reflects that.

The slim and elegant armrests rise and curve gently into the backrest, and the wooden legs. Its warm and eye-catching royal blue color evokes the sea, and contrasts beautifully with the solid Ash wood pillar legs to give your home that cozy and welcoming feel.

Those slim arms maximize the seating area on this compact model, and the fabric cushion covers are fully removable and machine washable, which can be a lifesaver especially for those of you with young children or pets. Fabric is also a great option when you don’t have the air-conditioning on – that extra bit of airflow can help you stay cool on a hot Singapore day.

Super compact at 150cm for the 2 seater and 175cm for the 3 seater, this sofa will fit into almost any home layout. We recommend this sofa for traditional, minimalist, or Scandi-inspired homes, where it will blend in seamlessly and give you comfort and relaxation for many years.



#1 KUKA #1235 L-Shaped Leather Sofa (Color: M5652-HL/L016HY1NC)
U.P. $4199 NOW $3599

#1 KUKA #1235 L-Shaped Leather Sofa (Color: M2936-K)
U.P. $4199 NOW $3599

Modern minimalist style. Plenty of room and comfort for everyone.

The sofa’s sleek and clean lines call to mind famous mid-century designs like the Le Corbusier’s LC2, and the use of curved and organic shapes let this sofa blend beautifully into the aesthetic of Scandinavian-designed or mid-century inspired homes.

L-shaped designs like this one also help to optimize the use of space in your living room, and the lounge section also encourages the user to stretch out, sprawl and relax. The generously padded and sloped armrests also work well as pillows for you to rest your head on and take a break, or an afternoon nap.

Like our other KUKA sofas, the backrest and headrest feature a seam in the middle – the headrest is extra soft while the backrest gently bulges out to support the curve of your lower back.

Our choice to skip adornments like buttons, pull-backs and extra stitching really let the quality of the leather speak for itself. The large panels you see are the most desirable parts of the hide – like a premium cut of steak, you can only harvest so many from each animal.



#1 KUKA #5359 3-Seater Leather Sofa w/ Adjustable Headrests (Color: M5657)
U.P. $5299 NOW $2899

For a no frills, back-to-basics sofa, the 5359 is your best choice in this lineup.

Enjoy a comfortable movies at home experience with the 5-angle reclining headrests on both sides. Each seat is fitted with a kidney pillow for improved ergonomic support from your head to spine. Thick, high density foam seats upholstered in top grain Italian leather will keep you cool in our humid climate, and won't sag even after years of use.

Its thin and sleek yet cushioned armrests provide a wider space to fit more in a European 2-seater design. Everything sits on a solid larch wood frame and black metal anti-rust brushed legs for a sturdy, timeless, contemporary sofa that will host guests, family and friends for years to come.




#1 KUKA #5608 Top Grain Corner L-Shaped Sofa w/Adjustable Headrests (Color: NL5115)
U.P. $9999 NOW $5299

The common gripe about L-shaped sofas and chaise lounges is its inability to fit more than 3 people at one time comfortably. Our 5608 solves this by having the best of both worlds! By adding a defined corner section in the traditional L-shape design, it can now seat up to 7 or 8 guests without any awkward postures. Everybody gets to lean back and chill for hours on end. 



Kuka #A928 Full Top Grain Leather Recliner Lounge Chair with Ottoman (Color: NL5118)
U.P. $4399 NOW $3199

Rest and relax in the peak of mid-century style with the Kuka #A298. Featuring a huge and plush headrest to support your head and neck firmly along with dramatically curved armrests, this chair will really make you feel like a big boss when you sit down.

Especially in bright colors, this chair is great as a statement piece in your home, as it looks super modern like something you would find in a science fiction movie. Function wise, this chair also features full 360 degrees rotation and is equally at home as a living room statement piece or a luxury office chair.



#1 KUKA #KM.5118 Electrical Fabric Recliner 1-Seater Sofa (Fabric C-771)
U.P. $1999 NOW $1599

The ultimate in convenience and comfort.

The KM.5118 was built from the ground up to give its user three things: convenience, comfort and control. When you sit down on this sofa, it’s already going to be pretty comfortable. But that’s only the beginning.

Simply reach around to the side and press a button, and you’ll feel the seat begin to slowly slide and forward and tilt back. The leg rest will rise from its hidden position beneath the sofa and lift your calves, all while you sink back into the soft cushions. Once you’ve found your perfect position, somewhere between a slight lean back and almost lying flat, simply release the button – or else tinker until you’ve found one that fits you perfectly.

Now you’re ready to relax.

No jerking backwards and choosing a position like a car seat. No getting up, no pulling on a lever. Just a smooth transition from sofa to recliner. 



KUKA #KT.025 Top-Grain 3-Seater Leather Sofa w/ Adjustable Headrests (Col: M5657, Black)
U.P. $6199 NOW $3199

Bridging between the West and East, the KT.025 incorporates Japandi-style elements in a typical European sofa. Mochi soft cushions are emphasised with its rounded corners, giving it a unique charming and cute expression. It softens dark interiors and creates a zen ambience in any living room.

Its walnut legs contrast with the pastel upholstery in either top grain leather or easy maintenance fabric to make the colours pop more. Envision it in your home now, doesn't it simply look so gorgeous without standing out too much?


All of the models mentioned above are on display at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore. Big investment purchases like a sofa aren't to be made lightly, simply walk-in to touch and feel for yourself!