Function, Technology, Comfort and Design Converge in KUKA Leather Sofas

Function, Technology, Comfort and Design Converge in KUKA Leather Sofas by Picket&Rail

Let’s admit it- most people buy sofas for their looks. Oh, it’s not as superficial as it sounds- after all, couch commitment is something that everyone has a list for before taking the plunge, whether they’re in the market looking for one that will stoke envy or the one that will match the decor of their living room perfectly or even one just to make do with for the next few years. The living room has always been our aspirational space, where we present the best of ourselves or the people that we want to be. The sofa sets the mood of the living room and the home. The sofa has long been the focal point of the living room, much like the bed in the bedroom.

The truth is that sofas aren’t cheap. You can get a cheap bed frame but you can’t really find sofas that are really cheap and at that kind of price point you’re better off just trading up right now instead of down the road (always sooner than you anticipated and out of sheer necessity). Mediocrity isn’t worth it when it comes to sofas. The sofa is a beacon of home as well- how many of us come home and immediately sit on the couch to decompress a little before going into the bedroom to get undressed, even? The sofa is the nexus of most of the social and recreational activities at home. It’s an essential investment.

A sofa is never just a sofa. And a KUKA sofa is definitely never just a sofa. A KUKA sofa ups the ante by being designed for you with ideal sophistication and functionality. Their elegant simplicity of looks belies KUKA’s innovative features. KUKA premium sofas utilize German technology from Leggett & Platt to give you the luxurious comfort of leather recliners in sofas. KUKA sofas’ integrated headrests, backs and arms are adjustable so you can slide them back and forth to get your desired position every time. Stretching out has never been so decadently comfortable. There’s something almost magical about being able to smoothly adjust your sofa so that it accommodates you perfectly, in all the positions that you are in the mood for at any point of time. Achieve continuous support and the optimal comfort possible in any position by adjusting the lumbar support along with the headrest of your KUKA sofa.

KUKA ottomans double up as storage space under the seat for you to stow items for quick access. Going home to your great-looking-and-feeling sofa designed for everyday use will soon become the highlight of your day. KUKA sofas are configurable and come in an incredible array of leather, color and, of course, contemporary design options. The clean lines and exposed legs (either stainless steel or wood) of KUKA sofa designs allow light to filter through underneath and create an airier feel in the living room.

KUKA is recognized as a leader in research and development; in fact, KUKA is the original equipment manufacturer for numerous known international retailers such as BoConcept, Crate and Barrel, Natuzzi and La-Z-Boy. The KUKA brand is backed by their advanced manufacturing, rigorous testing and solid trend analysis. KUKA original designs are a linchpin in their cachet and they have 573 design patents and have been conferred with 200 furniture design awards.

The KUKA name is also synonymous with exceptional leather; KUKA uses rawhides only from Europe, America and Australia as well as premium finish leathers from renowned tanneries such as Priante PelleItaliana and Gruppo Mastrotto. Dacron, feathers and down are used in the filling for the upholstery for that extra lush softness. KUKA utilizes superior materials such as kiln-dried European larch wood and multilayer high resilience foam from the top foam maker in the industry—applied at six different densities—in their heavy-duty construction that incorporates a built-in sinuous spring and elastic rubber webbing system and corner reinforcement blocks. All KUKA sofas come with a local 3-year structural warranty so you know your well-made KUKA sofa and its mechanism will still be eliciting the same wonder and ergonomic, absolute comfort level down the road.

Most people buy sofas for their looks. Our KUKA customers aren’t much different; they just buy sofas for their aesthetics, exceptional functionality and comfort, incredible feel of KUKA leathers, superior construction and generous warranty. KUKA customers believe in excellent revolutionary design, built to last, and the latest technology to enhance their lives.

Picket & Rail is the sole authorized distributor in Singapore for KUKA.