Why Buy Original KUKA Furniture from Picket & Rail

Why Buy Original KUKA Furniture from Picket & Rail

We’ve earned the privilege of being KUKA’s sole authorized distributor in Singapore. But why should that matter to you?

At Picket&Rail, you shop with confidence that you’ll get quality products and service backed by both the KUKA brand and Picket&Rail history. We care about helping you to make the right choices for your needs. We understand that buying a good sofa is an investment- an investment that will reward you with long-term dividends.

Picket&Rail has direct access to KUKA product managers and undergoes proper and regular training so that we can help you with your questions on our KUKA products. We are up to date on the newest technologies that KUKA uses. We also provide assistance in setting up your KUKA products. We carry manufacturer-supplied (direct from KUKA!) leathers, products and accessories.

It goes without saying as well that Picket&Rail is also the only authorized warranty service provider in Singapore. We honor product warranties only when the products have been purchased from Picket&Rail. Purchasing KUKA sofas from Picket&Rail protects both customer and sofa; purchasing KUKA sofas elsewhere in Singapore puts KUKA customers at risk as they may receive products that are counterfeit, defective, or even used. With a local 3-year warranty (10-year international warranty only for purchases made in Europe or Middle-East) on KUKA sofas, the risk just isn’t worth it. Hence, we urge KUKA customers to buy KUKA originals from Picket&Rail and enjoy peace of mind in KUKA’s design and manufacturing and in Picket&Rail’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Here, our customer care begins before you even make a purchase and continues long after that.

Picket&Rail’s KUKA original products possess three distinctive marks of authenticity so that they are distinguishable.


All authentic KUKA products come with the KUKA tag, which is a red cloth tag sewn into a side of the products. This label identifies the products as genuine KUKA products.

Birth Certificate Label on the Underside

KUKA also manufactures every single product with a white fabric label with a serial number sewn into its underside. This label identifies the product as a genuine KUKA product. The birth certificate label also identifies the product’s warranty status.


Picket&Rail Tag

Similar to the KUKA tag, the Picket&Rail company tag is also a black tag sewn into a side of our KUKA products to identify the product as a genuine KUKA product under the exclusive distributor Picket&Rail in Singapore.

So: go original, go to Picket&Rail.