New Arrival: KUKA Fabric Sofas Make Their Grand Appearance

New Arrival: KUKA Fabric Sofas Make Their Grand Appearance by Picket&Rail

Enter, stage left. The new KUKA stars, in fabric and starting from $1699 for a 3-seater sofa. We show you a model we are particularly excited about here:

The crisp look of our KUKA 2556 sofa, newly arrived rendered in gorgeous ‪fabric, belies its pillowy comfort. It has ample seating and yet it is still compact. The particular shape of this KUKA sofa is inviting: smoothly rounded with arms that are slightly upturned at the corners to envelope your body and a slightly tilted back for extra comfort. The KUKA 2556 fabric sofa somehow manages to look as voluptuously inviting as a lover and as sensible as a comforting schoolmarm at the same time.

The exposed feet of the KUKA 2556 fabric sofa also lend it a lightness of being while the sturdiness of the solid wood feet is buttressed even more with a thick wooden apron. The feet of the sofa come with glides to protect your floors. The back feet of the sofa splay out more than the front, adding a slight quirkiness to the ‪design.

The piping of the KUKA 2556 fabric sofa, done in a contrasting colour, also adds detail with flair to the design. The KUKA 2556 fabric sofa is a beautiful addition to any space. Its compact size also makes it highly versatile and a perfect choice for smaller homes and rooms. You’ll love snuggling up to your partner in this delightful fabric sofa.

The KUKA 2556 sofa is also available in leather, every bit as sublimely soft AND comfortable as its fabric counterpart. But you already knew that. And if you didn't, you can already guess from the photos.