Natural Characteristics of Leather

Natural Characteristics of Leather

It all comes back to the senses. Leather—probably the longest-wearing natural upholstery fabric available—looks elegant, feels sensuous and has a distinctive smell.

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Leather, like cattle, has variations. Each piece of leather will exhibit its own unique characteristics, markings and subtle shadings such as grain and texture variations, wrinkles, pores, healed scarring (such as from thorn scrapes, cuts, insect bites, barbed wire and brands), stretch marks and slight color differences. These imperfections do not significantly affect the integrity and performance of the leather and are actually desirable as they give your leather its character and enhance its beauty. Because leather is a natural, porous material, it absorbs dyes and finishes differently and to varying degrees. Every single leather sofa is thus unique in both looks and personality with their own characteristic markings. Because leather wears in, rather than out, it becomes more beautiful over time with the revealing of its true characteristics.

Leather is also recommended for those who have asthma or dust allergies. Leather repels the smell of smoke, which explains why gentlemen's clubs have long been outfitted with predominantly leather furniture. A well-made contemporary leather sofa looks great in any space, though.

How to Care for Your Leather Furniture