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A leather sofa is not just a sofa. It is a decision. And buying a sofa is rather like buying a car- except one probably knows less about buying the former than the latter. That makes the great hunt (and it should be!) even more daunting.

Whenever you’re shopping for leather goods, the term “genuine leather” will draw you in because there's nothing worse than a fake. However, the term is misleading innocent buyers to purchase low quality split leather, more commonly known as suede. It is harder, cheaper, weaker, and damages easily if not handled properly. Read on more to know why you experience "sweating" on your leather sofa!

Irina's covetable appeal boils back down to its unique design. When her adjustable armrests are laid flat, Irina looks like two expansive, slightly tilted pillow backs with a headrest atop two layers finished off with sexy flattened tubular feet rendered in brushed stainless steel. 

Leather is the strongest natural material. In fact, leather is so strong it is virtually impossible to puncture or tear without a great amount of force. A seam in leather is 50% stronger than a seam in fabric.

Here at KUKA, we provide the very best leathers possible from the very best tanneries..

We have a plethora of fine top-grain leathers from European rawhides. KUKA doesn’t compromise on leather quality hence we only carry top-grain leathers from Northern Europe- basically the best that there is out there. KUKA also has their own leather tannery for production.

Whatever your tastes run to—wood, leather or fabric—Picket&Rail has quality furniture, and the professional care solutions from the world’s trusted brand Guardsman, to protect and keep your furniture looking and performing its best all the time.
Their elegant simplicity of looks belies KUKA’s innovative features. KUKA premium sofas utilize German technology from Leggett & Platt to give you the luxurious comfort of leather recliners in sofas. KUKA sofas’ integrated headrests, backs and sides are adjustable so you can slide them back and forth to get your desired position every time. 

At Picket&Rail, you shop with confidence that you’ll get quality products and service backed by both the KUKA brand and Picket&Rail history. We care about helping you to make the right choices for your needs. We understand that buying a good sofa is an investment- an investment that will reward you with long-term dividends.

Each piece of leather will exhibit its own unique characteristics, markings and subtle shadings such as grain and texture variations, wrinkles, pores, healed scarring (such as from thorn scrapes, cuts, insect bites, barbed wire and brands), stretch marks and slight color differences.

The crisp look of our KUKA 2556 sofa, newly arrived rendered in gorgeous ‪fabric, belies its pillowy comfort. It has ample seating and yet it is still compact. The particular shape of this KUKA sofa is inviting: smoothly rounded with arms that are slightly upturned at the corners to envelope your body and a slightly tilted back for extra comfort.

Sofas are the heart of any home. The first furniture you plant yourself after a long day at work. The place where your family gathers to watch their favourite reality TV program. The seat you offer your guests during the festive season. At Picket&Rail, we have a very wide range of sofas for everyone and every need.

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