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Lowest Prices Guaranteed For Maxi Cosi

October 04, 2019

Lowest Prices Guaranteed For Maxi Cosi

We ensure that our Maxi Cosi prices are lower than or at least the same as local competitors, subject to prevailing terms and conditions on this website, Takashimaya Department Store and Picket&Rail Stores.

At times, you may find that a product is being offered at a very special price at one of our dealers but not the others, or that the price for a product you purchased has dropped thereafter. This maybe due due to ongoing store-specific promotions or clearance sales. In such instances, we regret that we are unable to offer a price match. This guarantee does not cover our dealers unless stated above.

What if you find a lower price offered by our competitors after buying from us?

In rare instances where you find a lower price at our local competitors after you have purchased the item from us, you will be refunded the price difference if you bring it back to us within 14 days together with evidence of the lower price offered.

Must the product be exactly the same?

Yes, we will price match or refund the price difference on a “like-for-like" basis for the same product brand origin and model including prevailing tax (GST) and manufacturer's warranty, through the same payment method as well as mode of delivery (including delivery charges).

Who are considered our competitors?

Baby Hyperstore, Pupsik, First Years and Glory.

How do you request for a price match from us?

You can visit us at 25 Tagore Lane #02-04 or email us within 14 days from the date of purchase. In your communications, please highlight the lower price in effect that you want us to price match and the evidence.

How do you show "proof" of price?

Please provide a picture of the competitor's price tag, advertisement or catalogue to facilitate the price match. We will review and verify the price match request. In some situations, we may call up the competitors to confirm the price and availability. We do not price match out-of-stock items.

How long do I have to wait to get a refund?

If you visit any of our physical store at 25 Tagore Lane #02-04, we will be able to process the claim in the same visit, provided proof of price is provided as above and all requirements are met. Requests through email or our customer service hotline take typically three working days to process.

What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a listed competitor will advertise a product with limited quantities for a special price or the item may even be out of stock. In these scenarios, the item will not be eligible for a price match or a refund of the price difference.

Do we price match "free gift with purchase" offers?

No. We do not price match “free gift with purchase” offers as they are not exactly “like-for-like”.

Do we price match offers with financing?

No. We do not price match when the competitors’ price is only applicable when using the competitors’ credit cards or any other financing offers.

Do we match competitors' trade-in value and offers on trade-in products?

No. We do not match our competitors' trade-in values and offers on trade-in products.

How will the difference in price be refunded to you?

The difference will be refunded via the same mode of payment used for the original purchase. You are only allowed to claim one price match per item.

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