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Bunk Bed Safety

November 30, 2012

Bunk Bed Safety

Our Bunk beds are the item most popular with children, followed by our study desks.

Beds and bunk beds are by far the most dangerous piece of furniture for children in the home. Designs of bunk beds are regulated in the USA, Canada, and the EU. Unlike many of our competitors', all of our bunk beds meet these standards. In UK, bunk bed safety is governed by the Bunk Beds (Entrapment Hazards) Safety Regulations Act of 1987.

The spaces between rails, headboard and footboard pose the most danger. Little arms, legs, and heads can be trapped if these spaces are too big. The spaces also cannot be too small, as fingers and toes might then be trapped. Cases of children choking in the night have lead to regulations being implemented to specify the size of these spaces. A rigid 9-inch sphere is used to test all key and relevant spaces and check for possible neck entrapment scenarios.

Bunk beds must have at least two upper bunk guard rails, and one side of the upper bunk has to run the entire length of the bed. The space for ladders to access the upper bunk cannot exceed 15 inches based on US rules (45cm in the UK). The guard rails must also be fixed by on both ends to ensure maximum strength and zero rail movement.

The second key regulation is the thickness and strength of the side railing. This is basically to prevent children who lean against the side railing during sleep from falling over due to breakage of the side rail.

The finishing used in these beds has to be lead free. Children biting on bed rails is a common occurrence, and lead poisoning can lead to brain damage and other health problems. Many brightly-colored paints from unregulated factories in the East contain lead.

Upper bunks also cannot have too thick of a mattress. There must be at least 5 inches of height from the top of the mattress to the top of the guard rail. Our accompanying recommended mattresses always comply with this.

Picket and Rail uses only the highest-quality materials and finishes on all of its products, in order to protect your loved ones and ensure your peace of mind. This is why we are willing to back all of our products with a 3-year structural warranty.The home should be a place where one is comfortable and most importantly, safe.



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Baby & Kids are brands direct. We are the manufacturer for Cheeky Bon Bon since 1993. We are also the exclusive distributor for the Singapore market for Maxi Cosi, Quinny, Safety 1st, Baby Einstein, Ingenuity, Bright Starts, Sesame Street and Disney infant gear and Funbies.

These famous brands assure you of their reliability, quality assurance and international safety standards.

When u shop at Baby & Kids, you are assured of the Lowest Prices*. As an established distributor since 1993, we understand the pricing mechanism in the industry. Consumer purchase patterns have changed drastically over the years and with the advent of e-commerce, the old retailer model is losing its importance. Consumers are tech-savvy and tirelessly scour the websites for product information and best prices.

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