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25 Reasons to Shop at Picket&Rail Baby&Kids

November 04, 2020

25 Reasons to Shop at Picket&Rail Baby&Kids

Preparing mummy for baby’s arrival and knowing what to shop is perhaps one of the most daunting though exciting journey. Where do you start and how deep do you go? 

At Picket&Rail Baby & Kids, we recommend using this guide from your first to last stages of pregnancy, including your baby's first year and all the other major milestones to make better purchasing choices.


FOR MUMMY - 2nd & 3rd trimesters

REASON 1: A Pregnancy Pillow To Ease Your Sleep Discomforts

The second and last trimester is the most tiring for mums. With a growing baby bump, your body will need loads of quality rest to recuperate. Most times it is hard to find the perfect sleeping position, so snuggling up a pregnancy pillow can make all the difference.

Unlike some body pillows that are meant to be wrapped around in one direction, this pillow hugs your entire body in multiple positions. You can even use it as a prop on the couch for back and shoulder relief. The soft 100% cotton cover is easy to wash so you can rest with a peace of mind.

^Come lie down on our Display Bed and experience the wonders of our Pregnancy Pillow at B&K@IMM



FOR MUMMY  - 2nd & 3rd trimesters

REASON 2 : A Bottle Of Stretch Marks Oil To Limit Stretch Marks And Ease Feelings Of Tightness 

Stretch marks often appear on the belly, butt and thighs throughout the nine months it took to you to grow another human. They are caused by tiny tears in the layers of tissue supporting your skin. While there’s no proven way to prevent (or get rid of) stretch marks, there are some benefits to using creams, lotions and oils to keep skin moisturized and protected throughout your pregnancy.

Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Oil

This fast-absorbing, nourishing oil is specially formulated to deliver hydration to help limit the appearance of stretch marks, ease feelings of tightness and leave your skin soft, supple and radiant.

Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Oil

*The full range of Mustela Mummy & Baby is available at B&K @IMM



FOR MUMMY - during breastfeeding

REASON 3 : A Nursing Pillow To Ease Back Strain 

Many breastfeeding mums appreciate a nursing pillow, which helps ease the strain on their back, neck and arms. It is also super comfortable for the baby and the pillow supports their weight securely by providing the ‘lift’ to latch on the nipple properly. With this pillow, you can snuggle them close while you breastfeed with ease.

Our Ingenuity Nursing Pillow with its visual tabs of Breastside Reminder™ System promotes the healthiest feeding opportunities by reminding you which breast you fed from last. Our Nursing Canopy is a convenient addition for feeding baby or expressing breast milk while you're on-the-go!

Ingenuity Plenti Nursing Pillow Set - Moon Crest (includes Pillow Cover)

*Come try out the nursing pillow with nursing canopy at B&K@IMM



FOR MUMMY  - during breastfeeding

REASON 4 : A Tube Of Nipple Cream To Ease Soreness

Breast-feeding mums endure lots of discomfort throughout their journey. The most common being sore, tender nipples due to the baby not latching properly. At times, using a nipple shield could help as it provides a bigger area for baby to latch on. The nipple shield helps to form a layer between the baby and the sore nipples. A lactation consultant should be sought if you experience sore nipples, before they get worse – like cracked or blistered nipples.

A little dab of some nipple balm may prevent your nipples from becoming sore and chapped in the first place.  

*The full range of Mustela and Medela Post-natal Care products are available at B&K @IMM



FOR MUMMY - from 3rd trimester and thereafter

REASON 5 : Get Our Stretchable Inner Wear For Comfort And Support

During pregnancy, it is important to use bras that have soft cups and increased rows of hooks and eyes (traditional bras only have three). These features allow room for the diaphragm to expand during the months of pregnancy for easier breathing and tighten to fit your body after the baby is born when the diaphragm settles. Reusing your maternity wear is an environmentally-conscious choice as well!

Another option is a nursing camisole. These are also perfect for sleeping in and can be worn during the day as a normal top too.


*The full range of Lunavie Mummy Care Softline is available at B&K @IMM



FOR MUMMY - when breastfeeding

REASON 6 : Our Range Of Popular Breast Pumps For Your Breastfeeding Needs

Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed, it is helpful to have a breast pump on hand. Breast pumps stimulate and increase milk supply, especially in the early days. Pumping after nursing can also increase the flow.

You’ll also want to pump so other caregivers can bottle-feed your baby whenever, such as middle-of-the-night feeds or when you need to be away from baby for an afternoon out with hubby!

Of course, if you’re planning on breastfeeding after returning to work, you’ll want a breast pump so you can keep your supply up, have a stash in your home freezer and relieve engorgement when you’re at the office.


*The full range of Spectra & Medela Breast-feeding equipment and accessories are available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn

REASON 7 : Our Range Of Popular Feeding Bottles To Suit Your Lifestyle

Baby needs a feeding bottle even if you choose to breast feed. A bottle complements expressed milk feeding to relief mummy so that she can rest and let daddy or a family member take over. Buy one or two and test them out with your baby. Different babies prefer different shapes, sizes and textures, thus it can be hard to know which one will work for you until you actually use it.

Baby bottles are made of plastic, glass, stainless steel or silicone — each type has its pros and cons.

Plastic: Lightweight and inexpensive but less durable and should be carefully cleaned to prevent scratches. Replace these bottles every few months. 

Stainless steel: Most durable but pricier. Rarely needs replacing though. Usually insulated to keep milk at your baby’s preferred temperature. 

Glass: Most glass bottles are heat and shock resistant, often come with silicone sleeves for an extra layer of protection.

Which bottles are best for you will depend on your baby, your family’s lifestyle and how to plan to use them.

*Check out our range of baby bottles at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 8 : The Best Baby Mattress Is Here

The Baby Mattress – why it is the Most Important Purchase.

Baby is going to spend a lot of time in the baby cot. A good sleep environment includes a quality mattress so you should really put a lot of thought in this purchase. You need to get a firm mattress as soft sleeping surfaces can pose suffocation hazards. Look for one that fits snugly into a baby’s cot, with no more than 2 finger widths between the mattress and the wall of the cot to prevent suffocation or entrapment.

A mattress that offers a firm side for newborns and a comfy side for toddler onwards would be the most ideal investment. Bonus points if they are made from naturally hypoallergenic materials to protect your little one!

Cheeky Bon Bon Multicare II Baby Mattress

*See this amazing mattress at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn

REASON 9 : We Offer The Widest Range Of Baby Cots

Your baby's sleep environment is a crucial part of their lives, so paying high attention to detail for their make and quality is essential.

Pediatricians recommends sharing the same room with your baby for the first 6 months, though not on the same bed. Babies should always have their own sleep surface for hygiene and safety purposes. Always look for international safety standards in the baby cots you are looking to buy for longevity and peace of mind. 

There are so many choices available. Our solid wood cots are the best sellers for a reason! Most times, the aesthetic appeal wins if budget is not the issue. Do also consider those that can convert from a baby cot to a standard adult-size single bed.


*Singapore’s largest range of baby cots are at B&K@IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn  

REASON 10 : We Offer You The Most Technologically Advanced Crib Sheets

Effective Mattress Covers. Usually very little thought is put into this item on every mummy’s shopping list, but think about it. If the baby mattress is a very important item for baby, shouldn’t you want to protect the mattress as best you can? You would want to keep the mattress free of dust mite, free of bacteria and mostly free of urine smell. 

Seriously look at crib sheets that does all that so that the big investment you put into the mattress keeps its great features! A crib sheet that keeps out the soil is one that is waterproof yet comfortable for baby to sleep on. You would be so relieved when you find that baby’s soils does not seep through the crib sheet and onto the mattress!

Cheeky Bon Bon The World's Only Skin-Regenerative and Waterproof Cribsheet

*This unique and patented crib sheet is at B&K@IMM



FOR MUMMY - Anytime!

REASON 11 : Protect Your Adult Mattress Too!

It is not encouraged that baby sleeps with mummy and daddy. However, there will always be cuddle times and play moments that you’d want to put baby with you on your bed. Do you know that the same skin-regenerative and waterproof bedsheet for baby comes in adult sizes too? You can get the same cool benefits as your baby and this is going to save you $$. A comfy waterproof bedsheet will protect your mattress to preserve the quality and double your investment! Check out these cooling bedsheets.

Our technologically-advanced bed sheets are branded under Inkagu - the properties are the same as baby's!

Inkagu - World's Most Advanced Bedsheet

*Test out the bedsheets at B&K@IMM too while you shop here!



FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 12 : Baby's First Toy For Healthy Development

Baby’s First Toy: the Oball. A hollow ball made out of brightly coloured rubber rings, 32 holes to be exact. How does this help baby’s development? The Oball will encourage baby to grasp, feel and recognize his first toy. Little fingers can grasp any of the 32 holes and hold on to the Oball. The bright colours will excite and intrigue while the almost weightless ball will not hurt baby in any way, even if it drops off baby’s fingers!

Developed by David Silvergate, a physicist and inventor, the Oball is the Best Selling Infant First Toy, all over the world!  

Bright Starts Toy Oball Classic Easy-Grasp Toy - Blue-Green


FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 13 : Widest Range Of Swings, Bouncers And Rockers

In the initial months of caring for your baby, making them comfortable and feeling secure sets a peaceful developmental form. While you want to cuddle your baby close all the time, a bouncer or swing or rocker comes in as a big relief. The appropriate equipment offers a soft and safe space for your baby to rest and play.  

A bouncy seat or swing or the rocking motions of a rocker may well become your baby’s favourite place to spend time (other than in your arms, of course), whether quietly playing, lounging or napping. And many moms swear by the gentle motions of a swing or bouncer to help calm a fussy baby down. 


*Come test drive all our equipment at B&K@IMM



FOR MUMMY - post partum  

REASON 14 : Effective Post Partum Support Wears Available Here!

Child-bearing takes a toll on mummy’s body. In the postpartum stage, some moms might feel a little uncomfortable. That’s because your abdominal muscles had been stretched and may even experience a naggy stiffness in the back.  Postpartum belly bands, postpartum belly wraps and postpartum shapewear products are meant to be worn around the waist to help support your body after childbirth. They're usually made of adjustable elastic materials that cover your torso from ribs to hips.

Lunavie Premium Postpartum Abdominal

*The full range of Lunavie Pregnancy and Postpartum products are available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 15 : Maxi Cosi - Best Stroller From Europe!

Life does not stop when you have a child. Strollers make everyday life easier for parents. There are always places we want to go with our children. When you have a stroller, your child can be securely buckled in and not getting lost in crowded places. Besides a secure place for baby to rest, a stroller means less carrying and more pushing. Moreover, strollers offer storage and makes travelling around much more manageable and convenient.  

Why you need a full-size stroller

A full-size stroller keeps baby safe & snug, holds all the stuff you need while you're out and sometimes even attach to your infant car seat to easily transition from car to stroller.

Why you might need a lightweight umbrella stroller

A lightweight umbrella stroller weighs much less and are very portable. Great for families who are on the go, especially in Singapore where most of us need to carry the stroller up and down your apartment steps or onto a bus. Very ideal for travel — not only does a lightweight stroller folds compactly, it’s a very handy secondary stroller, which many also opt to leave an umbrella stroller somewhere they visit often, such as Grandma's house.

*The full range of Maxi Cosi and Safety 1st Strollers are available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 16 : Bring Home Your Baby Safely With Maxi Cosi!

Always remember child safety when travelling. It starts from the moment you bring baby home from the hospital. You will need a rearward-facing infant car seat specifically designed for newborns with extra support for your little one’s head, neck and spinal cord (all of which are still developing strength and stability). 

Infant car seats can be easily removed from the car and carried, some can even clip onto your stroller. This can be especially helpful in the early newborn days, when you'll do just about anything not to disrupt a baby who is contentedly snuggled in her car seat.

Maxi-Cosi Infant Carrier

*The full range of Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seats is available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn 

REASON 17 : View The Full Range Of Maxi Cosi Car Seats Here !

A convertible car seat can change to adapt to your growing baby’s needs. You can install it as a rear-facing car seat for your newborn and change it to forward-facing for toddlerhood and up. However, it is definitely bulkier and heavier than an infant car seat so you will not think of taking it in and out of the car. 

Technology and design has now offered convertibles that will take a newborn all the way to 12 years old, in the same car seat!

Maxi-Cosi Wide Range of Car Seats

*The full range of Maxi Cosi Car Seats is available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from newborn

REASON 18 : A Baby Carrier For A Happy Outing!

A baby carrier provides ease of use on an outing in those first few months (and beyond). There are so many types so you will need to consider what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Baby carrier wraps: A form of baby-wearing, and essentially, a long fabric that wraps around your body and tied in place to hold your baby close.

Soft-structured baby carriers: With a more defined feel and plenty of straps, these tend to distribute baby's weight to your hips while offering your little one plenty of support, creating a snug, comfortable fit for both of you.

Baby carrier backpacks: For outdoorsy and sporty parents who plan to introduce their baby to the great outdoors, they offer more structure and security. They also are often only for back-carrying, so you usually have to wait until your baby is a little older and can sit up on their own.

Safety 1st Uni-T Baby Carrier

*Available at B&K @IMM



FOR MUMMY - from Baby Day 1 

REASON 19 : A Diaper Bag For A Great Outing!

A diaper bag holds baby’s gear and your essentials, and today’s wide variety lets you choose one that fits your style.

Most parents want to have more than one diaper bag, for example, a smaller one for running to the store and a larger diaper bag that holds everything.

Diaper backpacks: This style offers the convenience of being hands-free and is easier to carry for long periods of time. 

Totes: These are ultra-roomy, which makes them the best choice for a day out or a weekend trip. Look for one with sections and pockets to help you stay organized.

Messenger bags: These are worn with the strap across your body and can be more comfortable than a tote if you need to carry it for a long period of time.

Convertible bags: Some diaper bags can work as a backpack, tote or messenger bag, depending on how you arrange the straps. These are good option if you want to be able to switch up how you carry baby's gear, but they do tend to be on the bigger side.

Maxi-Cosi Diaper Bag Set

*Our Maxi Cosi Diaper Bag comprises multiple separate pieces for better versatility! Come check it out exclusively at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from Newborn 

REASON 20 : Your Diaper Needs 

Choosing the best diaper for your baby

You may want to buy a few different diaper brands at first to see which work best for your cutie. Here are a few additional factors to consider when shopping for baby diapers:

Diaper size: Correct diaper fit is important for baby’s comfort — too tight, and the elasticized leg openings can irritate their skin, but one that’s too large can lead to leaks. Always follow the size guidelines printed on the diaper packaging.

Reusable and adjustable tabs: These are great when you're trying to quickly peek to see if baby is wet. They can also help you get the best fit. 

Wetness indicator: These are lines that change colors when baby is wet. They’re handy to have, especially in those first few weeks when you’re still learning baby’s cues.

Pocketed waistband: These pockets on the back panel of the diaper help keep poop contained. If you routinely have issues with blowouts, they can be a lifesaver. 

Fragrance: As mentioned above, a light scent can help mask unpleasant smells, though some parents would rather go without. 

Impact on the environment: Eco-minded parents may choose a diaper made in the most earth-friendly way possible. 

Peekapoo Taped Diaper

*Get your favourite Singapore Brand Diaper Peekapoo here at B&K@IMM



FOR BABY - from Week 2 

REASON 21 : Start Baby's Development Early!

Tummy time - an important part of your child’s development. Tummy time helps with numerous motor and developmental growth. In fact, pediatricians are calling for tummy time to start soon after birth! This diligence that mummy should help baby with strengthens neck muscles, advances gross motor strength and flexibility, and will help with meeting milestones like rolling over and eventually crawling.

 Prop Mat Ranges

*Check out our widest range of Prop Mats at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from 5th month 

REASON 22 : Prepare Healthy Baby Food With Our Baby Food Makers 

When it comes to weaning baby off dependence on nutrients from milk alone, most will ponder if it is wise investment to buy a baby food maker. Most provide steaming and pureeing capabilities, which can be useful even for new parents who are looking to make a quick steamed side dish or blend up a delicious fruit smoothie.

Benefits of using a baby food maker

You save money. Store-bought baby food doesn’t come cheap.

You know exactly what your baby is eating. Avoid giving baby what you don’t know could be in some products.

You’re using fresh ingredients. Moreover, the steaming process most baby food makers utilize allows for more nutrients to be left in the end result. You'll feel good knowing that baby’s getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needs to grow and develop.

You can introduce new flavours. A great way to introduce baby to the new flavours and slowly move baby to food that you eat as a family.

*The full range of Little Bean Baby Care Equipment is available at B&K @IMM



FOR BABY - from 6th month 

REASON 23 : Singapore's Best Selling Baby Seat Is Here!

It's important to create a definitive environment for baby at feeding time. Psychologically, you should prep baby for serious feeding to cultivate a discipline. Having a good seat to feed baby in will help to establish this routine. Here, we recommend some best-selling baby seat and highchairs:


*See our range of baby seats and highchairs at B&K@IMM



FOR BABY - from 6 months

REASON 24 : Get The Popular Around-We-Go Activity Center Here!

Depending on baby’s developmental readiness, a stationary but rotating multi-activity center for baby helps enhance the psychological, mental and physical development. 

Enjoy physical activities: When baby is in an activity center, there will be a lot of chance for leg movement as there are different things that they could reach out or grasp, which is a really fun and valuable experience. In addition, it could be also a physical exercise since your baby has to move the whole body.

Mental Stimulation: When baby grab a toy, it would help with the hand-eye co-ordination. The music and moving parts on the activity center will stimulate visual senses as they will learn to appreciate different colours and shapes and improve auditory senses.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Discovery Center

*Let baby ‘test-drive’ this wonderful paly center at B&K@IMM



FOR BABY - from 4th month

REASON 25 : Address Baby's Teething Pains With Our Wide Range Of Teether Toys

As you enjoy charting the growth of baby, you’d soon come to the exciting milestone for your baby – teething. Many babies experience pain and fussiness and this journey can also be a difficult and stressful one for parents. What are the best ways to help ease your baby's teething pain? Enter: teething toys.

They offer baby with sore gums something to chew on. Look out for teethers with loose parts and too long protrusions that may choke your baby.

*Check out our Bright Starts and Sesame Street Teething Toys at B&K @IMM

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