Explained: Self-Disinfecting Coating vs Disinfection Services

Explained: Self-Disinfecting Coating vs Disinfection Services

Cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces and objects at home help to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As Singapore embraces an endemic strategy, the chances of us contracting the virus and bringing it home is higher. Hence, self-disinfecting coating and disinfection services are becoming more commonplace as the first line of defence to Covid-proof our home.

What are the differences between these two and which one is more suitable for your family? We break it down:

Disinfection Services

Professional disinfection services comprises of deep cleaning your premises using a virucidal solution compliant to NEA guidelines along with the usual cleaning regime (vacuum, wiping, mopping) to eliminate Covid-19 amongst other viruses and bacteria.

Self-Disinfecting Coating

Self-disinfecting coating uses nanotechnology to apply an invisible polymer coating that eliminates Covid-19 plus 99.99% viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi upon contact according to strict NEA guidelines. The formulation lasts between 6 to 12 months and the area is cleaned to rid of any dust and dirt prior to spraying.


1. Self-disinfecting coating lasts for longer

It's the same as cleaning up after a kitchen accident - the mess are eliminated after cleaning, but it gets messy again once you start cooking. Pathogens are eliminated during the cleaning process, but once you head out and return home, you're bringing in germs and it requires another round of disinfection. It can be costly with unnecessarily high maintenance. 

Self-disinfecting coating such as Homeguard365® only needs to be applied once or twice annually. It effectively kills pathogens upon contact on high touchpoints upon contact for all 24 hours, 7 days a week, thus requiring less maintenance. You won't need to burn time with cleaning schedules and upkeep anymore, plus it's formulated with 0 toxins!


2. Self-disinfecting coating requires lower maintenance

At first glance, disinfection services might be cheaper compared to self-disinfecting coating, but the devil is in the details. Disinfection services charge by area of premises, furniture pieces, and touchpoints with temporary antiviral and antibacterial effects. It is good to deep clean after someone at home contracts the virus, but this method is not sustainable to prevent Covid-19. To maintain this level of cleanliness, you will probably be enticed to sign bimonthly packages with different cleaning agents coming into your home, which increases your risk of contracting the virus.

With self-disinfecting coating services, you have the flexibility to pick certain high contact points such as furniture, cabinetry surfaces, door knobs or the whole room/house. The permanent antiviral and antibacterial effects last for 180 to 365 days, or up to 10,000 ethanol wipes. Plus, the spraying professionals will only enter your home once or twice a year to recoat, so you are reducing contact with strangers in your sanctuary.


3. Self-disinfecting coating prevents mold and fungi growth

Singapore's humid weather creates a conducive environment for mold (or mildew) and fungi to thrive, especially in dark, moist, indoor environments such as the ceiling, on furniture, and walls. An excessive amount of mold spores can cause inflammation to the airways, becoming dangerous for individuals with asthma. 

Disinfectants will eliminate existing and visible mildew growth, but there are changes in the air that we cannot spot without a specialised device. Self-disinfecting coating such as Homeguard365® reduces the need to check for abnormal microbial activity as it kills 99.99% microbes on the furniture surfaces, and is effective at filtering the outside air when sprayed onto blinds and curtains!


4. Self-disinfecting coating does not ruin your furniture

If you own a leather sofa, you are probably aware of the do's and don'ts to enhance the longevity of the genuine leather. Cleaning it with alcohol wipes or industrial-grade disinfectants often will degrade its quality and you will not get the most bang out of your buck. Disinfection service staff are cleaning generalists who might not be mindful of these details.

Homeguard365® is formulated by Singapore's furniture experts and tested on multiple leather types to ensure that it is suitable for the expensive material while safeguarding your family. Furthermore, our trained staff have 10 years of experience in the furniture industry who are familiar with the maintenance and upkeep of the beloved fixtures in your home.



Now that you're equipped with the difference between self-disinfecting coating and disinfection services, which would you choose? For a peace of mind with minimal maintenance, self-disinfecting coating is the way to go; but if you prefer the deep cleaning method to get your home in order, a disinfection service would do the trick. 

If you're looking to permanently disinfect your furniture without ruining the look and quality, check out HomeGuard365® that is formulated with the help of furniture specialists that will not degrade your expensive investments and protect your family from the threat of Covid-19 plus other harmful microbes.