Custom Furniture Lifestyle @ Picket&Rail

Whole house customization furniture & carpentry at Picket&Rail

Consumers are getting more demanding in terms of wanting more choices. They want variety and choice. This demand places tremendous pressure on retailers and suppliers. Retailers need to strike a balance between inventory and profitability. The trend now is to build custom furniture on demand. This reduces inventory and cost. The consumer gets a good price but has to wait.

At Picket&Rail we can customise your home in the following ways:

  • P&R Carpentry&Reno - built to last, tens of thousands of designs 
  • Modular Sofas - provides endless combinations
  • Choice of Sofa Material & Colour - hundreds of leather or fabric selections
  • Choice of Shapes - 3, 2, 1.5, L
  • Choice of Designs - KUKA® has 600 models to choose from
  • Norya Modular Cabinetry - thousands of combinations
  • Cabinets for Every Need - bookcases, wardrobes, shoe storage and more
  • Home Decor - hundreds of unique / limited edition accessories and wall art to make your home special

So visit us today and consult our experts.