The Most Flowery Nursery Along Thomson Road

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Plants and flowers have the power to brighten your space and your outlook on life. They not only lift your spirits, but they also work as a filter for the air in it. It is because of this that flowers are a great housewarming present or can be used for celebratory occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year's Day.

Ji Mei Flower is Singapore's leading wholesaler of fresh flowers, plants and gardening essentials. It is a nursery that sells a variety of indoor and outdoor plants at wholesale prices and specializes in the floral decoration of weddings. It takes great delight in designing, crafting, and producing stunning floral arrangements.

JiMei Plants - Picket&Rail Home Decor

It features a large cool room that houses a variety of exquisite flowers, including exotic proteas,  hyacinths, delphiniums, phalaenopsis orchids, heliconias, etc. Countries such as Kenya, Japan, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, and Taiwan are some of the places where these are imported.

Ji Mei Flower assures that all of its creations, from bouquets to event decorating, may bring out the individuality that is inherent in you via the use of its floral design. You can make your own floral bouquet with the fresh flowers that they supply if you want to try your hand at designing floral designs, and they will provide you with the fresh flowers that you need.

JiMei Flowers - Picket&Rail Home Furnishings

You can either order arrangements from the company's business, events, and wedding planning, or you can construct a bouquet on your own by picking up the flowers at the company's retail-wholesale location at 5 Joan Road.