KukaHome Acquires Top German Sofa Brand Rolf Benz for €42 million

KukaHome Acquires Top German Sofa Brand Rolf Benz for €42 million

The Chinese furniture giant KUKA announced on February 28th 2018 that its Hong Kong subsidiary has reached an agreement with LoCom GmbH & Co. KG to acquire 99.92% of the shares of Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG. The transaction value is 8.5 times of the 2016 audited EBITDA of Rulf Benz.

Rolf Benz Sofa Factory

KUKA is the China’s leading home-furnishings company. At present, KUKA household products are exported to over 120 countries in the world, and has over 6,000 retail outlets worldwide.

Established in 1964 and based in Nagold, Germany, Rolf Benz manufactures luxurious upholstery for private customers, largely by hand. Eighty-percent of its current market is in Europe. Its brands include “Rolf Benz”, “hülsta sofa” and “freistill”, aimed at consumers with varying purchasing power and lifestyles. Over 80% of its sales are from European markets. All its sofas are produced by its own factories in Nagold, Germany. As a top German sofa brand, the company is famous for its quality, functionality and designs. Rolf Benz has become a byword for luxury, unparalleled comfort and unmatched quality. It has become a symbol of modern yet evergreen designs, famed for its seating ergonomics and durability.

Rolf Benz Kuka Logos
Rolf Benz will become a part of KUKA and be included in its statements as a subsidiary shareholding. The inclusion of German technology, practices and know how into the group will enhance the research and development capability of the company. This acquisition will further enhance the internationalization of KUKA Home; enhancing its brand image, diversifying its product range and ultimately improving overall product quality.