Graffiti Art Youth At Kampong Glam

Graffiti Art Youth At Kampong Glam

Head down on any lazy Saturday to the Arab Street District, around 5pm and you will get to see a sight not often seen in Singapore - here is where we have groups of graffiti artists honing their craft, spray painting on specially set up walls, fine tuning details before their actual commissions…. Or simply hanging out as a group of artists and learning from each other.

Kampong Glam Graffiti

See if you can find his spot where they gather and watch these talented youths at work! Watch how they handle the spray painting medium, how they discuss their creative ideas and and create an even more impressive larger than life masterpiece right before your eyes.

Graffiti In Arab Street District

Artful graffiti can be found on many wall all around the area. This living art ha become part of our Singapore culture and its good to know that are building owners who support these artists.