Porters Restaurant and Bar @ The Sail, Marina Boulevard

Porters Restaurant and Bar @ The Sail, Marina Boulevard

Porters attracted me with its old school window display. I was thinking The Ship or Fosters steakhouses. So I had to try!

I ordered the smallest set menu at $98 which gave me a choice of cod, duck, chicken or steak. The price of a regular 250gm of steak was already $78, so I thought that they would give a smaller cut for their set meal. But upon checking with the waiter, it turned out that the set meal steak portion was the same size as the regular portion…so it was a no-brainer, and steak it was for dinner! Tenderloin to boot!

I ordered mine medium well and my friend ordered a medium rare. Both came a little overdone, but they were still tasty and together with the truffled mashed potatoes and long stemmed asparaguses (is this the plural for asparagus?:) it made a well-balanced, hearty meal pleasant on the tongue throughout the meal. We both wiped out plates clean, if you need proof of that!

Since we ordered 2 meals, we managed to try both soups - a tomato and a mushroom soup, both appetisers - a salmon sashimi and a scallop, and both desserts - a generous serving of mixed cut fruits and a slice of chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream.

Desserts Shorbet & Chocolate Cake

I thought the soups and seafood starters were a suitable flavour profile to lead up to the main course, as there was sufficient flavour and textural variety (vegetarian soups to seafood starters then meat) which ensured that the meal was enjoyable throughout without any overbearing, cloying after tastes (or afterthoughts!). Well done to the chef for putting together a well-balanced flavourful menu!