Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Loves Pizza

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According to Wong Bang Ming, director at Brenrich, "Guests have been highly anticipating the arrival of Shakey's ever since we announced the coming of Shakey's."

Shakey's Pizza Asia Ventures, a Philippine fast-food operator, has expanded its foothold in Southeast Asia by opening its first location in Singapore at Lucky Plaza Mall. 

Pizza And Chicken Wings Furniture

The opening of the Singapore store comes on the heels of Shakey's Pizza's expansion program from the previous year, which saw the opening of more than 30 stores across the Philippines and the UAE in a variety of store formats, such as ghost kitchens, multi-branded stores, and drive-thru concepts. The Singapore store is the latest location to join the Shakey's Pizza family.

"The business climate has been quite challenging over the course of the previous two years. According to Gregorio, "We had to make strategic pivots in order to turn the business around, but throughout the entire process, we maintained our eyes on the prize, which was sustainable long-term growth."

Angus Pizza

Peri-Peri, a brand of charcoal-grilled chicken, and R&B Milk Tea's master franchise in the Philippines are both owned by the corporation, which has been in business for forty years. Recent events have also seen Shakey's Pizza Asia Ventures acquire full ownership of a Singaporean company known as PC International. This company is responsible for the ownership and operation of Potato Corner in Singapore. 

The Singapore branch of Shakey's will be serving the full menu, including the thin-crust pizza, chicken, and mojos, with certain modifications made to some products in order to make them compliant with halal regulations.