Ikigai - The Future of Izakayas

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The Riverwalk's newest izakaya, Ikigai, launched its new menu in February 2022 with the promotion of a drink named sparkling sake. Every customer who dined at Ikigai during February received a complimentary shot of sparkling sake.

A beverage that has the flavor profile of conventional sake but also features the zing that comes from bubbles, sparkling sake has been given the nickname of the champagne of Japan. It is a sparkling and pleasant drink with a flavor that anyone may appreciate, regardless of whether or not they are fans of sake. This is something that, if you like champagne or sparkling wine at all, you absolutely have to try. 

ikigai F&B Furniture

Ikigai is a contemporary Izakaya in Japan, and the concept behind it is "a reason for being," which is also the meaning of its name. What the brand Ikigai is all about goes far beyond the realm of personal preference. At Ikigai, it is not just about having delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere; rather, the emphasis is placed on one's family, friends, lifestyle, and overall "being-ness."

Izakayas are often crafted restaurants that also sell alcoholic beverages and light bites. After work, coworkers and friends gather in this space, which is often intimate but may sometimes be quite crowded at times. The traditional izakaya format is updated and given more room at Ikigai, which is a refreshing variation. 

Japanese Food

Ikigai is designed to cater to the working professional who wants to unwind along the river. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the food and service are of high quality. 

For more information, visit www.ikigai.sg.