Good Food Great Music Mad People

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Georges is a chain of 6 (currently) resort style casual dining bar and restaurant. Several outlets are by, or near the beach, providing one with that balmy seabreeze to go along with your food.

All of their outlets exude a warm and welcoming energetic vibe when you step in, not least because the wait staff are friendly and make you fell welcomed straight away. And the home-feel vibe is also apparent from the casual, thoughtfully put together decor curated for each outlet to sync with each outlet’s unique location.

Satay At Georges Restaurant

Indeed the chain prides itself on its ability to carve out homely neighbourly niches among the residents of the locales it occupies.

Each outlet attracts a similar crowd, yet each outlet is different in its own right, making every Georges venue individualist and fun to explore each time.

Drinks are well-priced and the food is generally tasty.

Hamburger At Georges Restaurant & Bar

What more can you ask for with good vibes, calming ambience, great food, friendly company at value prices?

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