French Style Food With Local Flavours Infused At Arab Street District

French Style Food With Local Flavours Infused At Arab Street District

The White Label review

Along North Bridge Road, a few shophouses before Sultan Mosque, sits a French-looking pattiserie with a difference. Upon closer inspection, I find a curious mix of Southeast Asian-French dishes on their elegantly designed signboard menu.

Sotong Hitam Masak Spaghetti

There was Cempedak Gateau, Kueh Pie Tee Vol-Au-Vent, Battered and Grilled Barramundi with Sambal Kicap and an Earl Grey Tea with Bandung.

This interesting fusion of ingredients and cross-continent pairing caught my attention and I promised the attentive wait staff at the storefront that I would be back.

A month later, I find myself in Kampung Glam visiting the Malay Heritage Centre for their #LastKopekRayaFest (2022 post-covid Hari Raya open house, I assume the first in 3 years) and took the opportunity to have an early dinner at The White Label.

Two Types Fish Frites

The menu did not disappoint, and service was fast, friendly and efficient. The kitchen was efficient too! With dishes being served within 5 min of ordering.

I had to try the Vol-Au-Vent with pulled beef and kueh pie tee. The pie tee was crispy, yet not overly so and made a great accompaniment to the tender pulled beef.

I also tried the Earl Grey tea with Rose, called Rose De Au Lait and was also pleased with both the presentation (lovely cute pink flowers on a froth of milk, in a slightly pinkish tall glass), and found that Earl Grey was a great base for the rose syrup with milk (a fave childhood drink … Bandung!). So essentially it was Bandung with Earl Grey! Not as sweet as Bandung, and more flavourful because of the slightly bitter tea to complement the sweetness.

Beef Rendang Kueh Pie Tee

I also tried the Two Way Fish Frites which was two slices of Barramundi, one grilled and one battered, served with Indonesian sweet black sauce with chilli (Kecap Pedas). The grilled had a good flavour, but the battered had a more suitable flavour for the pairing with the shoestring fries, as fries fundamentally go better with fried foods.

Also on my menu was the Squid Ink Pasta which was served with fat rings of squid, mussels and succulent shelled prawns - the most interesting part of this dish was that one could taste the ‘localness’ of the squid.

I so wanted to try the Cempedak Gateaux which in my mind, promised my tongue a thick, sweet savoury fluffy buttery explosion of flavours, but unfortunately I was too stuffed…so this gateaux would have to wait.

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