Cheapest Omakase In Town! Only $38 For 15 Dishes!

  • 1 min read

Hana Omakase @ Forum Galleria

We were stoked to discover this omakase joint which promised 15 dishes for a mere $38… true blue Japanese fare too!

Beef Omakase

We were not disappointed as we found the sashimi fresh and melt-in-your-mouth, the clams plentiful, the seafood fresh and the meat well-seasoned. There was even real truffle in the truffle chawamushi!

Each dish was a gastro delight in itself. Some dishes we found a little too salty, but generally, the flavour was just right and the food portions just nice.

Clams Omakase

If you are a guy, you might find the $38 insufficient, as one of my girlfriends topped up our 3 sets with a bowl of ramen, and a plate of beef to share, but in general the meal leaves you pleasantly satiated, and not overly stuffed … the way the Japanese would dine? To ‘just right’.

We loved the presentation as well, but the topmost thought in our minds throughout the meal was … ‘how can they charge so low?’. Every dish came with its own plate, the prep, the cooking and portioning out, and plate-by-plate service was surely a costly affair in high-manpower costing Singapore. But hey, we are not complaining!

Sushi On A Spoon

Do give Hana a try. It’s worth the visit!

Hana takes up several units at level 1 of Forum, so be sure to enter the ‘next’ one, a little further down from the taxi stand entrance.