Let Your DNA Tell You What Is Best For You

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If you are looking for a way to learn more about your personal skin, fitness, and nutrition qualities, E-beauty has developed a DNA home-test kit to assist you to do so. The results of your DNA test can reveal your genetic make-up, as well as your ancestry, health risks, and fitness levels.

E-beauty is an online-to-offline (O2O) commerce platform that combines health, beauty, and genetics. With labs and partners in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan, they aim to provide the most effective and precise skincare solutions using genetics and AI. 

eBeauty DNA Test Kit

Based on data from more than 9,000 whole-genome sequences from Asian countries, e-beauty offers the most precise DNA results for Asians. 

E-beauty offers three distinct types of DNA Kits, each of which enables consumers to learn about a new dimension of themselves. The kits require merely saliva in order to categorize and highlight more than 50 categories and 379 features and traits of an individual. These features include the risk of acquiring complex diseases as well as hereditary malignancies, personality, personal characteristics, and other personal aspects.

eBeauty Research

Additionally, e-beauty offers an AI-driven (artificial intelligence) recommendation for a skincare product based on the DNA report as well as personal consultations with experts. DNA test kits from e-beauty are also being used by beauty salons in Singapore and Asia to better serve their customers. Beauticians, therapists, and doctors will be able to give their patients better advice about which treatments will work best for them if DNA testing is made available in clear, simple-to-understand results.