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Modern Classics Have Arrived

November 27, 2012

Picket & Rail springs a surprise on the local furniture industry and its consumers with its launch of Singapore’s widest range of Modern Classics made better. To date, the company has been renowned for its unique range of American-style, all-wood home furnishings and accessories. In a monumental move that has proved Picket & Rail versatile, it vastly widens its repertoire with Modern Classics—first grade replicas of iconic designs of internationally-acclaimed, world-celebrated architects and furniture designers from the early 1900s! The Modern Classics Gallery expands its collection, as the trend matures. The stores observe an increasing number of educated buyers displaying a spirit of intellectualism, or who desire such historic pieces because it defines them thus. Designers and connoisseurs desire to own them as a tribute to the greats and to behold their legacy. Others purchase modern classic replicas because to them, the pieces are not merely furniture; they are a slice of history. Since design patents have expired, replicas are certainly more affordable, making them accessible to middle-income earners. Among them, there is little resistance towards replicas; it is commonplace to own replicas of iconic paintings and sculptures. Furniture is no different. A most certain factor the people behind the Modern Classics bank on, however, is this simple fact: classics never go out of style. This has been true of the decades past and will undoubtedly prove to be true of the future. Furniture with history sings in perfect tune with Picket & Rail’s “thinking people’s furniture” vision and wholehearted commitment. 

About Original Modern Classic Designers 
 Sparked by development of new technology, production methods and the discovery of new materials, a visionary few led the departure from a time saturated with the obsession in the sensuous curves of art nouveau style. Fuelling growth and change, they created the first of the modern classics that were then unimaginable and that today are still considered tastefully modern, even futuristic. The original designers, most of who are from America, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland and other parts of Europe, did at one point in time hold patents for their designs. These however, were short-lived and most have already expired. Design and utility patents have life spans of 14 and 20 years respectively, so contrary to lay person misconceptions, making imitations of modern classic designs are perfectly legal. Today, true originals are hard to find and harder to afford. Many are permanent residents in museums (i.e. Museum of Modern Arts), galleries, arts schools (i.e. The Bauhaus), and others are sold in high-end auctions. 
Modern Classics in the Media 
Modern classics designs are iconic. They are most often sighted in homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and places that are inclined towards good design. Chair and modern classics fanatics get thrills out of seeing their favorites in movies. The Men in Black office, for example, is a room full of replicas of Eero Arnio’s 1963 Ball Chair. Remember Will Smith’s character struggling to write his paper in it? Then there’s Eero Saarinen’s 1955 design—The Tulip Chair, which appeared on the bridge set of Star Trek’s U.S.S Enterprise and throughout the ship. A most exacting animation of Cherner’s Side Chair can be spotted in Toy Story 2 while the latest X-Men: First Class is littered with modern classic chairs that are first class indeed. Renowned magazines’ covers are graced by modern classic designer chairs ‘cracked’ by famous bottoms such as Michelle Pfeifer’s. Modern Classics for Your Space Sensational, iconic and aesthetically dramatic as they are, modern classics are commonly used as statement pieces to embellish spaces, injecting a punch of character and style. With their magnetic visual draw and wealth of history that tickles the discerning, curious mind, modern classics are often talking points in any space, igniting many a conversation and spawning much appreciation. 
Picket & Rail Modern Classics Gallery: Top Quality, Widest Range 
Picket & Rail’s Modern Classics collection consists of mostly Grade “A” replicas of these chairs and more. “Grade A”, referring to the level of quality. Many in the industry are making replicas, but quality ranges from those made of inaccurate proportions and substandard material such as PVC and plastic, to those made of proportions faithful to the original designs and excellent materials such as Italian leather and fiberglass. Picket & Rail’s collection stands testament to its commitment to top notch engineering, precision in proportion, angles and stitch style and the use of only high grade materials. In its ever candid style, Picket & Rail has a couple of the odd Grade “C” chair around their showroom for the purpose of inviting customers to experience the quality difference for themselves. Having the widest range, with individual pieces available in multiple permutations of color and material, Picket & Rail’s Modern Classics Gallery has an edge over its competitors, providing a one-stop place to satisfy customers’ modern classic appetite.

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